My game for the weekend of the 2/7/16 was under 21's in North Harbour with East Coast Bays vs Massey.

On the Saturday night of the 25 June I get a text from Danny Brown to say I'm off to Harbour to referee the next weekend.

Monday night meeting and still don't know what game or level I had coming this weekend. So had to wait for email on the Who's the Ref for appointment.

Received my appointment and it was for Under 21's  ECB vs Massey. I looked up the standings to see where both teams are and ECB are 2nd and Massey 4th on table, so I know this was going to be a great game.

On Thursday night I go for a run up Pukekohe and start to think about the work on's for the weekend.

Friday night I turn from work mode to referee mode and make sure I eat right and drink lots of water.

Saturday morning about 8am I see the sky with the sun out, great. I make sure I have the right gear in my bag.

Leave Home about 10.30 to make sure I have time to get to the venue on time and yes there was a incident on the motorway that I got held up in, but still managed to get to grounds at about 11.50 am for a 1pm game.

Right, time to find the sheds and start thinking about the game. About 12.05 I see the coaching staff of both teams and work out times to do pre-match talks.

12.55pm both teams out on field to start on time. Massey to kick off. First 15 mins Massey were leading 6 -0. ECB then started to take the game away Massey with two good tries.  The 2nd half was much the same as first but with ECB taking control of it. Final score (27-9 ). Both teams where happy with game from me.

Also got to see the new laws in play as I ran AR for Premier game and I have to say not 100% on them. Lots of movement around the field but it takes away the 7 from the game a lot more. All I know it will be a lot faster for next year.