Recently Softball NZ designed a survey to help increase its understanding of the goals and needs of the competitive player.

The key objective of the survey was to gather insights allowing Softball NZ to support those players travelling through the competitive pathway. The competitive pathway includes athletes selected for national squads/teams and all those competing in our national tournaments. By understanding the needs and expectations of the competitive player we will be able to support softballers to perform at the desired level.


Survey Findings

293 responses were received via the online survey.
54% completing the survey were female, 46% male.
67% completing the survey were 13-18 years of age.

Top 3 “goals” for competitive players 
-    Enjoyment and satisfaction
-    Improve softball skills, mental and tactical skills
-    Fitness and conditioning.

Top 3 “needs” to achieve goals
-    Competitive playing opportunities and pathway
-    Quality coaching
-    Training programmes, nutrition, injury prevention, and recovery

Top 3 “actions” needed to achieve goals
-    Balance life and softball participation 
-    Strength and conditioning programmes
-    Develop weekly and seasonal routines and targets. 

Top 3 “concerns” needed to achieve goals
-    Meeting expectations of coach and team
-    Failure
-    Financial pressures

Top 3 “blockers” to reach goals
-    School/Work conflict and priorities
-    Ongoing costs to play the game
-    Uncertain of pathway and return.


The survey complements a piece of work recently undertaken by Softball NZ called The Player Journey. The Player Journey was developed to highlight areas where people can enter and travel through two identified softball pathways: the Community Pathway, and the Competitive Pathway. The Player Journey can be downloaded here.


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