The softball community has been spoilt over the last three months with the coverage, and quality of games from three major events. 
Several platforms were utilised to broadcast the events nationally and globally including Facebook, Whaakata Māori TV and the WBSC Gametime channel. 

Whakaata Māori TV and Ballpark Broadcasting have delivered the game at a level never seen before in New Zealand.   

Missed a game from the Tradestaff WBSC Men’s Softball World Cup? No problem, all 50 games are available on demand through Whakaata Māori TV here.

The following data provides an insight into viewership for the Tradestaff National Fastpitch Championship and the Tradestaff International Invitational Series from Ballpark Broadcasting.

At time of writing viewing numbers for the Tradestaff WBSC Men’s Softball World Cup and the Tradestaff International Invitational Series had not been received from Whaakata Māori TV. We will endeavourer to publish these in next months Sox Nation Insider. 



Production highlights:

  • ½ million people reached
  • 240,000 viewers
  • Over 1.5 million minutes of content watched
  • 45-54yrs Women & 35-44yrs Men where the highest gender percentages
  • Offshore viewership - Canada, Australia followed by Czech Republic, USA and Argentina
  • All from Just basically 2 Days of 15 matches!!


Production highlights:

•    16 Ballpark Broadcasting crew
•    17 Games broadcasted
•    38+ hours of on air live content
•    57,000 viewers
•    10 Main countries viewing with 45-54yrs Men & Women the highest percentage. 
•    Almost 12,000 hours of content watched over just 4 Days.

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