North Harbour Softball is proud of the recent addition of two new infield turf diamonds at Rosedale Park, located next to the old clubhouse. The old diamonds had become outdated and required replacement, as they only had turf in the batter's box and base areas, resulting in an uneven playing surface.

Thanks to the efforts of North Harbour General Manager David Gillanders and a local company called GameOn Turf, the Association now has two new level and low-maintenance diamonds.

The new turf, NF50, was upgraded specifically for this project and any future softball diamond work.

The costs for the new turf and installation were approximately:
•    $70/sqm or $47,000 per diamond (26m x 26m)
•    Construction/prep work at approximately $60/sqm or $40,000 per diamond (26m x 26m)
•    Total new build cost per diamond: $85,000 plus GST

The benefits of the new turf are numerous, including the ability to use metal cleats, ease of maintenance, and no marking required weekly or annually. Additionally, no pitcher's mat is required, and a block can be used instead. The turf accommodates all levels of the game, including premier teams, who love it.

Great work North Harbour Softball Association! 





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