Who is the UCSC?

The Upper Clutha Sports Community Trust (UCSC) is a small group of local people working on a voluntary basis to support the Upper Clutha sporting community at a grassroots level.  We were established in 2012 and became an incorporated group with charitable status in 2015.  

Our Vision & Aim
​​​​​​​Our vision is to “Support the Upper Clutha sports community to be more effective, efficient and successful in the delivery of sport”. We aim to improve community connectivity through our work directly with clubs and groups in the sport and recreation sector.  We want to link people with people and encourage social interaction through sport.  Through our efforts we hope to increase levels of active participation and so contribute to creating a healthier community.  

Our purpose:-
Offer ongoing support and capacity development for volunteer managers, coaches, and activators in our ‘sport and recreation’ community. We see the UCSC as a collective voice for the sport and recreation sector in our region where we can facilitate forums, attend seminars and disseminate information back to and from our members;

  • Increase participation, achievement and community relationships in the Upper Clutha region, for all age groups, including children and the elderly;
  • Become more sustainable by providing a support umbrella for groups and the sharing of resources;
  • Increase networks, communication and collaboration to ensure sport and recreation activities are scheduled more efficiently and effectively;​​​​​​​
  • Be a platform to listen to and collate community needs, and ensure all clubs are responsive to those needs.

Our Website/ Social Media Presence
​​​​​​​Through an online presence we aim to encourage easier communication between sport and recreation clubs/organisations and the community (current and potential members) as well between the clubs themselves.  We aim to include up to date club information including a calendar so all clubs can input scheduling of events, practices etc. to avoid duplication.  We will also include an inventory of equipment available to be shared amongst members.  Using technology in this way is a very effective way to communicate with large numbers of people.

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About our webpage:

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