Upper Clutha Sports Community Trust partners M!NT.

Upper Clutha Sports Community has partnered M!NT since 2019, helping to forge great lives for those with intellectual disabilities in the Upper Clutha Region. 

M!NT Charitable Trust was born out of the determination of a group of local families and strives for inclusivity among our community in Wanaka and the wider Upper Clutha region. With strong community support we have seen the M!NT Crew taking part in an ever-growing number of sporting events and festivals.  

Weekly activity and holiday programmes provide a fully adapted environment where varying skill levels are supported and a platform for growth is provided. These regular activities provide an opportunity to socialise and build friendships and from that a sense of safety and security has developed. M!NT are seeing higher levels of confidence and a willingness to try new things.  With Kickball, Gym, Yoga, Swimming and Dance as part of our weekly programme, The Festival of Sport and Recreation is something our M!NT crew loves to be involved in. 

If you know of anyone that might be interested in more information of what is on their event and activity calendar for 2020 please get in touch- minttrustgroup@gmail.com. 


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