Wellington & Central Powerlifting


It’s my first competition, what equipment do I need to wear?

You can wear t-shirt and shorts for your first competition. This must be plain with no logo’s shown. You must wear knee high socks for deadlifts. Optional equipment includes wrist wraps, knee sleeves and a belt. For novice competitions we are lenient on the requirements however for your second and subsequent competition all equipment will need to be IPF approved. For your second and subsequent competitions you will also be required to wear an IPF Approved soft suit.

I am a Novice and have lifted XX in the gym, will I be competitive?

Unfortunately, we do not know who will enter each competition so can not answer this question for you. Our recommendation is just to enter a novice competition and give it a go – make sure you learn the rules as they may be different to how you lift in the gym.

If you would like to see results from past competitions as a guideline these are available on our website on the results page.

I’m not sure if I am equipped or raw…

If you are not sure the likelihood is that you are raw. Raw lifters are able to wear wrist wraps, belt and knee sleeves.

Equipped lifters can wear knee wraps and special squat, bench and deadlift suits – you would know if you were using these 😊

I have done a Novice competition and want to participate in another Novice Competition, am I allowed to?

Yes absolutely, there are no restrictions on the number of novice competitions you are allowed to do. However, once you have done one competition you are then required to join as a WCPA and NZPF member before competing in any more competitions. You must also wear IPF approved apparel including a soft suit and can no longer wear t-shirt and shorts.

I think I can break a WCPA record, can I do this at a Novice Competition?

If you are a registered WCPA member and have participated in at least two competitions before as a member then yes absolutely. WCPA records can be broken at any WCPA competition where IPF comp spec gear is used as well as National or International Level competitions (you will only be able to add chips to the bar if it is also a NZPF or International Record). Find out more on our records page.

I think I can break a NZPF record, can I do this at a Novice Competition?

No, to break a NZPF record you can only do so at a National Level event. Find out more on the NZPF website.

Is the WCPA and NZPF Membership fee a one off or annually?

Both are annual payments running from 1 April – 31 March each membership year.

I have entered a novice competition, but I don’t think I will be in the weight class on the day that I entered on the form, what do I do?
Your weight class will be determined by the what you weigh in at on the day of the competition, it does not matter if you do not make weight. 

I have entered regionals, but I don’t think I will be in the weight class on the day that I entered on the form, what do I do?

The weight class you enter at regionals is the weight class you must compete in as there will be no changes on the day.  If you do not make weight you may compete but you will be considered a guest lifter and ineligible for prizes and placings.