Michael Pickering


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Early in the year 1939 several interested people of the town and district discussed the possibility of forming a new rugby team through the amalgamation of some of the lesser teams in the local competition.
A meeting for the purpose of forming a new Rugby Football club from Old Boys, Pirates and Waiau clubs was held at St AndrewsHall on Monday  the 20th March 1939. Present at the meeting were the official delegates from the three clubs concerned; the Reverand C.E. Hyde from Old Boys, Mr J Harvey from Pirates Mr W.J. Brownlie from Waiau and 38 interested supporters.
The convenor of the meeting was Mr B Parkinson who was elected as Chairman, for the evening outlined several proposals.  Finally after much discussion, a motion by Mr R.J. Powdrell and seconded by Mr J Harvey was put to the meeting and carried unanimously.

The motion
"That a new club be formed from the three old clubs"

Then a rather virorous discussion took place on a new name for the club with eventually four names being suggested. These names being
"City"  "United"  "Wairoa"  "Athletic"

A Clear cut majority of those present voted for the name "Athletic"and thus the name became "The Athletic Rugby Football Club"