The Zespri AIMS Games have expanded from 750 to more than 11,500 competitors since the original establishment in Tauranga Moana with the 2004 Games. Additions and changes have been made in the Zespri AIMS Games programme since 2004, with 20 events being added to the original four. Although enthusiasts of many activities hope to see their code become an AIMS Games sport, many factors are taken into consideration.

The choice of which sports take part in the Zespri AIMS Games is up to the Zespri AIMS Games Trustees who make the decision based on proposals from each sport’s organising committee, via the Zespri AIMS Games Tournament Director. Sports that are already part of the Games are annually reviewed to determine whether they should be retained. 

When choosing sports to include in the program, the AIMS Games Trustees take into consideration the following criteria of eligibility:

  • How will this sporting code enhance the “value and appeal” of the Zespri AIMS Games?

  • Is there an identified suitable and available venue, to accommodate the code’s specific needs?

  • How many students of this age group play this sport?

  • How wide spread is this sport in school programmes?

  • What school events exist for this code throughout New Zealand?

  • Is there a clash between summer and winter codes?

  • How can you ensure your code would be financially sustainable?

New sporting code submissions for the 2023 Zespri AIMS Games must be sent to the Tournament Director by Tuesday 1st March 2022 and include the following information:

  1. Eligibility to compete (meet the Zespri AIMS Games registration guidelines).

  2. Category / Division structure – Boys / Girls / Open / Year Group / Age etc.

  3. Athletes with a Disability inclusion.

  4. Estimated numbers attending (current 11 to 13 years age group participation numbers in New Zealand).

  5. Entry Criteria / Grades to register, if applicable (e.g., golf under a 32 handicap).

  6. Promotion / public support for your sporting code at the event.

  7. Current event structure in regions throughout New Zealand.

  8. Regional development systems and opportunities / Pathways.

  9. Regional / National Sporting Organisation backing / support / sanction.

  10. Event information (which would be included in the registration / tournament information on our website). Refer to the current 23 code specific pages posted on our website as a guideline.

  11. Detail Risk Management System / safety procedures / player welfare.

  12. Estimated budget to run the event (this covers all costs e.g., personnel payment, officials, equipment hire, venue hire, travel costs etc.).

  13. Potential sponsor/s (each code must have a $2,000 minimum code sponsor).

  14. Dates / Duration of the event.

  15. Event format / Programme.

  16. Code specific rules.

  17. Venue (suitable venue and the venue requirements).

  18. Equipment required (must be organised by the code and any costs specified and included in the code budget).

  19. Officials / referees etc. required and availability to officiate at the event (if applicable detail development opportunities for officials / referees etc.).

  20. How your sport would enhance the Zespri AIMS Games tournament.

  21. National / International contacts / relationships and anticipated overseas registration.

  22. Provide a suitably qualified and designated code coordinator to work with the Zespri AIMS Games Tournament Director (e.g. to oversee your sporting code pre, during and post event of the tournament year, attend code coordinator planning meetings, submit and manage a detailed code budget, support Zespri AIMS Games initiatives and their partners / sponsors, produce and manage robust code health and safety systems, supply a comprehensive code report at the conclusion of the event, support Zespri AIMS Games regulations, meet deadlines, work alongside website, draws, results, registration, medical and media contractors etc.).

New codes for 2023 (if any) will be announced in April 2022.