Lost Children Management Plan

At the Zespri AIMS Games a procedure is in place to ensure the safe and timely return of lost dependents.

Lost Child Centre

To the Code Coordinator at the tournament control office e.g., publicised via PA announcements and app push notifications as the location for caregivers to report or collect lost children.


  • Code Coordinators will facilitate communication for lost children e.g., all event staff to have mobile phones, app push notification system and a PA system to facilitate communication re. lost children.

  • All attendees briefed to take any lost children to the code coordinators office.


Code Coordinators will manage the lost child’s centre. One code assistant responsible for coordinating the procedure and capturing dependent’s information and another caring for the dependent/s.


The lost child centre will be the main point for coordination and collection. All staff will be briefed on the following procedure:

  1. If approached by someone who has lost a child, staff will ask the following:

  • ID of the person

  • Description – sex, age, ethnic group, hair colour, clothing description, name (and if the child knows their name).

  • Location last seen/found

  • Approximate time missing/lost

  1. Contact the lost child centre with details. If lost child centre cannot be contacted, contact the Event organiser (Kelly Schischka - 022 692 4829).

  2. Children found by staff or by a third party to be taken to the lost child centre by the staff member who finds or receives the child. Do not let the dependent go with another member of the public to the lost child centre.

  3. The lost child is looked after by lost child centre staff, who add details (a,b,c above) to register.

  4. Lost child centre to confirm details over radio/mobile with event staff and arrange an announcement on stage or over PA to be repeated every 10 minutes until the child is found. NO NAMES TO BE USED only a description of the child.

  5. If after 30 minutes the child hasn’t been located, ensure the Police are contacted via the onsite Police if available or through the local Police Station.

  6. When the dependent is found the lost child centre should ensure all staff are aware of the missing child e.g. stage manager and Police are notified and to stop the search.

  7. Staff at lost child centre to ensure correct person collects dependent.

  • Children are not to be given to any caregiver unless staff are satisfied with identification of the caregiver and the reaction of the dependent. Get them to sign for the dependent and print name and contact number on the lost child form (ID REQUIRED).

  • Check child’s reaction. If child becomes distressed or seemingly fearful staff MUST contact Police and pass on your concerns.

  1. At the end of the event, if children are still present, Police to assist in repatriation.