The range is now CLOSED until late September.

If you are interested in Shooting at a club in Auckland,

One of the leading Auckland Rifle Ranges with state of the art electronic targets by Shotmarker. It is a fully integrated WiFi system which you can access from your smart phone and save your target image on it....there is no need for manual labour to mark the targets making the day that much more enjoyable....!

At the Akarana City Rifle Club Inc we
shoot center-fire rifles in four classes, Target Class (TR), shooting open sighted  rifles, self supported off the elbows with the aid of a sling, in 308 calibre,  F-Class which is defined as long-range prone rifle shooting in any calibre up to 8mm,  F-T/R class is a .308 (or .223) rifle at ranges from 300 yards to 1200+ yards, and hunter class which is any sporting weight rifle.  All three latter classes use scopes and the F-Open class rifle is rested on a tripod at the front and a sandbag at the rear while the F-TR and Hunter class uses a bipod at the front. 

The shooting season runs from September to May and shoots are weekly on Sundays commencing at 10am. There are 5 ranges 4/5/6/7/800yds, . Ranges shot depend on weather and farming activities.

There are club rifles both left and right hand, ammunition and necessary equipment for visitors, new shooters and those wanting to have a go.