Wow, what a great day for the club! Firstly, a big thank you to ANZ and their Dream Big promotion. ANZ has very kindly donated a huge amount of cricket gear and training aids to the club for us to use and distribute around the community. We now have brand new gear for all our juniors to use and they were very excited today to see what there was. Now they can use bats, pads, gloves and helmets that actually fit properly! We are also extremely grateful for the senior gear that has also been donated and it will be well received by all who get to use it.
Thank you also to all the parents and, importantly, the children that came down also. We are so happy to have a junior team again and it is great to see all the children so enthusiastic. This really makes it all worthwhile. Click
here to see our segment on Cue TV!!

Combined Country meeting

* The Combined Country Association is no longer responsible for the running of the reserve grade competition. This will now be run by Southland Cricket in conjunction with the senior comp. Reserve grade captains and club representatives will still have input with playing conditions etc.

* There is no longer a limit on how many games need to be played in order for points to be awarded for a round. If you play and win you get full points. Shared points if the game is called off due to weather.

* If both captains agree, the game venues can be changed due to poor weather conditions at the original venue. There is no requisite for the original home team to travel if it does not suit - there will be no default, the points will be split.

* A player must have played AT LEAST 4 reserve grade games for a team in order to be eligible for playoffs/finals etc unless they are still in school. There is NO maximum limit on how many senior grade games can be played. Captains discretion is available if a team will be left short of players.