2024 Membership Options

Membership options available:

Student Membership to the end of 2024
(student is anyone in full time study, from primary school through to tertiary)


Full Membership to the end of 2024


Intoductory Course - Beginners (one term)


Associate (Parents, Caregivers, Committee Members)


Casual floor fee per night
(you can do this twice before we ask you to pay a full membership)


Second (and each subsequent) family Full or Student member *


Intermediate Class**

(You must be a full or student member to add this class)


* Second and subsequent family member is the lesser of the membership fees

** You must be a member of ASC to join the intermediate or Sunday class

Visiting Fencers get their first visit to us for FREE.

NOTE:  Currently we are unable to offer one-to-one coaching to nightly paying visitors.

Our membership form can be filled in here: Membership Form

Please note, the club Code of Conduct can be found here: Code of Conduct

Last updated 6th June 2024