Leanne Raffles

Coaching Disciplines: Dance and Precision

Specialties: Skating skills - power techniques, compulsory dance, style dance and freedance, precision.

Competition history: I first started skating when I was seven years old! First competed in 1990. Finished competition officially following the 2007 Nationals, but skated in a team I was coaching up to Oceania’s in 2008. We won the New Zealand Senior Dance Pairs title with Steven Neville more than any other couple - 12 times! And prior to that won the Senior Solo event in 1999. I've represented New Zealand at the Junior Pacifics, Oceanias, Australian Nationals & World Championships.

Coaching history: I began coaching at Auckland Waitakere learn-to-skate when I was 15 years old. I didn’t take on competitive skaters until three years later. Originally, I coached group lessons at Mt Wellington and whilst training there we dabbled with Precision as a means to keep people skating longer. It worked. Eventually, coaching while I was competing became too tough and coaching became the priority. My skaters were reaching national competition level and taking podium places on a regular basis. More recently I’ve coached skaters to Oceanias.

Tell us about yourself: My coaching is athlete centred and it’s really important that we enjoy what we do. I like to use questioning to empower my skaters and believe that it’s important to have a holistic view including the skaters outside influences. I try to use skating as a tool to teach life skills as its certainly had a huge impact in my life.

Email: [email protected]