Lisa Garrud

Coaching Disciplines: Dance, Figures, Free, Quartet, Precision

Specialties: Precision and team skating is my speciality plus skaters looking to compete or achieve skill tests.

Competition History: I regularly compete at the New Zealand Nationals, the Australian Nationals, and Oceania.​​​​​​​

Coaching History: I began coaching Precision in 2017 with precision medal routines. This grew to take my own team to NZ nationals in 2018, winning the gold. In 2019 I took two precision teams (one gold and one silver) and a quartet (gold) to NZ nationals. From there I was hooked and have been coaching every year since.

Tell us about yourself: I really enjoy seeing the look of achievement on a skater’s face and knowing that I helped to put it there. Coaching is about the whole, not the sport. Life doesn’t get forgotten just because you turn up at a rink – but it is an enjoyable distraction. Skating should be fun and, out of that, successful.

My aim is to provide a fun and challenging experience in artistic roller skating through the positive growth of each individual with responsible coaching. Everything can be achieved with the right attitude and practice, practice, practice.

My own coaches have amazing skating experience and mental health skills and I’m endeavouring to pass it forward to those that I coach.

​​​​​​​Facebook: Miss Skate 
Email: [email protected]