Rachael Parkinson-Turner

Coaching Disciplines: Dance, Figures (some)

Specialities: RollArt routines, solo dance, style dance, freedance, couples dance, choreography.

Competition History: Competed at National level from 1990–2007 in Figures (up to Junior level), Senior Solo Dance, Senior Couples dance, Senior Precision. Numerous Oceania championships 2001–2007, highest placings: 2nd Senior Solo Dance 2004 and 2005. NZ Senior Solo Dance champion 2003. Oscar recipient at Graeme Sheppard Challenge 2003. Retired from competition after World Championships in 2007 in Senior Dance Pairs.

Coaching History: Started coaching solo dance in 2003, Renee Mouat in Solo Dance, coaching Renee from her first Nationals in solo dance, her first Oceania Championships in 2004, and her first World Championships in 2007.

After retiring from competitive skating myself I have dedicated myself to giving back to skaters some of the joy that I have received over my years of skating. I consider myself a holistic coach, coaching the whole athlete and placing a high value on building a strong and mutually respectful coach-athlete relationship. I believe in working to improve and create strong basic skating skills as these are the base for all skating. As a coach, some of my values are enjoyment, improvement (not necessarily only results focussed) and personal growth – mentally, physically.

Tell us about yourself: Full-time mum, wife, daughter, graphic designer who has a passion for skating and helping athletes in any way I am able with their individual skating journeys.

Email: [email protected]