Welcome to Beckenham Bowls!

Our club offers the opportunity for bowlers and non bowlers to be part of this fascinating sport at all levels from the social through to International level.  If you just want to experience the social aspects or represent New Zealand you are welcome at Beckenham Bowling Club.

Our greens are open 7 days a week for anyone interested in playing. We have two high class greens with great off green facilities.  Bowls can be enjoyed by all irrespective of age or sex.  We welcome bowlers and members of the public to come to our club to try their hand on our greens.  Lawn bowls is a game that levels the playing field so that grandchild, Nana or Dad can all compete on an equal footing.  Bring your family down and give bowls a go!

You will find us a warm and friendly club that looks to improve the standard of play for all members through top coaching as well as friendly advice and pearls of wisdom from our many experienced bowlers.

Anyone interested in finding out more about our club please make contact through this site and we will be pleased to assist you.  

Give us a call on 332-9898
If your call is not answered please leave a message or email us on
[email protected]