Bellevue Athletics extends its membership to a 12 month season so members can complete in the winter cross country events.

Please visit Athletics Tauranga site for details of the events being held: Click Here

Race Entry Procedure
Once you are registered with Bellevue, no entry process is necessary, just turn up on the day (in plenty of time) and listen to event briefing. There is no entry cost for most local events – it is covered by your registration subsription.

The exceptions to this are specifically the Tauranga Open Cross-Country, the Waikato Bay of Plenty Cross Country Championships and the Bays and Bridges Challenge. For these events along with other Saturday events hosted by other clubs, you will need to pre- enter (usually at least one week prior) through Race Entry Secretary.

You must be registered with Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty to contest Waikato Bay of Plenty Championships and your registration through Bellevue Athletics provides this.