Run Jump Throw

Run Jump Throw is Athletics New Zealand's foundation programme for teaching athletics specific skills to children aged 6-11. It's based on the philosophy that the development of skills in a fun, inclusive environment is the key to participation.

The emphasis is on the development of fundamental movement patterns specific to athletics.

Last season, Cat and Steph from Athletics NZ visited our club and reminded us what it actually means to be an athletics club, and what an integral part we play in developing confident and competent children.

The Run Jump Throw programme that they endorse (which is the brain child of our very own Kerry Hill) is what Bellevue piloted last season. We’re following in the steps of a few Auckland clubs that have found the programme so successful, they’ve managed to retain and grow previously shrinking club numbers.

It’s all about creating a ‘climate of development’ each club night; teaching the basic skills required to excel in athletics while keeping our kids engaged, supported, motivated and recognized. Traditionally we’ve operated in a ‘climate of performance’ (eg. Points based, 1st, 2nd, 3rd) which will still be a valued and important part of club nights, given that its served us well for 55 years, but now it’s time to change it up a bit.