A group of recreational mountain bikers with the emphasis on having fun together, whether on the regular Thursday night ride on on away trips such as the Taupo 12 hour or Rotorua 24 hour events.

The skill range is from newbies to technically very good riders, some who like to go fast and others that wish they could.

The club is supportive of youth who show some initiative, and wishes to expand this type of association. Trophies and prizes have been donated to Karamu HS and Hastings Boys HS.

Thursday 19 May 2022 we will ride up Te Mata Peak from the Loading Ramp carpark. Meet at 5.30pm, Dirt leading the ride; bring some $$$ for a meal at Giant Brewing afterward.

the riding committee

Items from Ricko, please read

HB Marathon

This is a big event with nearly 5000 competitors this year – perhaps a little down on previous but still a massive undertaking. Think Triple Peaks and times by 10 with all the attendant road closures and difficulties that a point-to-point event brings. We played our part with volunteers which will bring some coin into the coffers soon. Thanks to the tail end Charlie crew of Rob, Lou and Dirt on the 42km, Hardy all by himself on the 21km, Pete de Valda doing the 10km and Eileen on the kids race after competing in the 21km. The lead bike duties were handled by Richard Stone, Kev Carswell, B2, Cary, PD, Herbie and Ricko. Thanks heaps team. The highlight of my day might well have been the big beamy smile from Richard after doing the lead bike. We think this might have been a record time for the event. If you have any feedback, good or bad I will be happy to pass it up the chain of command to the event organizers.

We also had a good representation in the staff part of the team with Jamie Sinclair, Craig, Old Tom and myself (Ricko) putting in plenty of hours.

Tainui Reserve and Down on Jessica Track

I have now had a walk on the track with an archeologist and largely got the all clear that there is not anything of significance showing from the track build. That said anytime we do maintenance I should be there now that I have had the required ‘training’. This would also be the case if you see anyone else doing work on the track. Please let me know and I’ll go for a wander.

As part of our agreement with the Parks Department of HDC we need to do the maintenance which will be a little bit of drainage work when the soil is a bit softer. This will be a wee shoulder tap of some of you that live in Havelock soon me thinks.

Easement on Te Mata Peak

The safety feature / easement that we hold at the start of the Ridgeline leading to the Lowe Track is now ready for planting. We have a chap preparing a planting plan and we will need to do some weed spraying soon and planting during the winter. I look forward to a us getting stuck into this project.