Founded in 1883 The Brackenfield is privileged to be able to hunt properties in North Canterbury with boundaries stretching from the Waimakariri River  in the South to Cheviot in the North and inland to Hanmer Springs.

The Brackenfield caters for all who like to ride in open country, from those who enjoy the thrill of the chase to those who like to ride over farmland.  We are most fortunate to have landowners who allow us on their properties so we can pursue our love of this thrilling sport.

Our Huntsman Charles Miller- Brown keeps approximately 35 hounds at our kennels west of Amberley.  Between April and Mid July the Hunt meets twice a week - generally a Wednesday and Saturday with the occasional Sunday. We assemble at a notified meet point, moving off at noon and return at 3.00pm, at all times subject to the direction of the Master. When following hounds pursuing a hare, riders can choose to jump full or spared fences or ride through open gates. 

At the conclusion of the day we meet for a shared afternoon tea where the landowners are thanked and stories of the day unfold.