Student Conduct

​​​​​​​The following set of school rules was set down by the Birkenhead College Board of Trustees. These rules are intended to promote our values of Respect, Pride, and Whanau, and assist in the smooth running of the school. Students must follow these rules on their way to and from school and while at school: 

  • Students are expected to act in an orderly, courteous manner and to show respect and consideration towards other people. Bullying, verbal or physical abuse, racism or the spreading of offensive material about people in the school, students, families, and staff by any means, electronic or otherwise, will not be tolerated. 

  • Students must be tidily dressed in the school uniform at school, and on the way to and from school.  

  • Students must attend school regularly and have an attendance rate of at least 90%, as is required by the Ministry of Education.  

  • Students must stay at school throughout the day. The local shops are out of bounds from 8.40am - 3.15pm.  

  • Students arriving late to school or needing to leave school during the day to attend an appointment must sign the register at the Health Centre.  

  • Students may not bring dangerous items such as weapons, knives or other sharp instruments, matches or explosives to school.  

  • Students are forbidden to bring, use or associate with the following at school: cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vaping, tobacco, alcohol and drugs, drug paraphernalia, solvents and pornographic or offensive material.  

  • Staff may confiscate any item/device that is being used inappropriately, may be harmful or likely to endanger the safety of others, or may detrimentally affect the learning environment. A parent/guardian may then collect this item.  

  • Students must follow the Birkenhead College evacuation procedures displayed when needed.  

  • Students may bring and use their own electronic devices at school at their own risk, and agree that they are responsible for the operation and safekeeping of these devices.  

  • Students may use their own electronic devices as part of their learning in the classroom, when permitted by the teacher.  

  • Student use of digital devices at school must follow the guidelines set out in the Student Online Safety Agreement.  

  • Students may be required to stay after school on detention until 4.15pm. Parents will be notified when this is necessary. For serious breaches of school discipline, students may be suspended and later brought before the Board of Trustees, who will decide their future at the college.  

  • Students must seek the approval of the principal before undertaking any fundraising, business initiatives, and selling or trading any items involving the school community.