Bluebirds Netball Club - Kāpiti

Bluebirds Players Code of Conduct

Players must comply with the principles of good ethical practice listed below.  These must be adhered to whenever you are representing BLUEBIRDS, either at the courts, training or at functions.

  1. Behave in a sporting manner at all times to other players, officials, coaches, and spectators.
  2. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.
  3. Don't make detrimental statements in respect of the performance of any match officials.
  4. Play by the rules at all times and ensure that BLUEBIRDS is not brought into disrepute by your actions.
  5. Refrain from using obscene, offensive or insulting language or gestures which may insult other players, officials or spectators.
  6. Operate within the rules of netball incuding national and international guidelines which govern NNZ, Netball Kapiti, Netball Wellington Region.
  7. Uphold and respect NNZ Smokefree policy while representing BLUEBIRDS at matches.  We never smoke in our uniform.
  8. Alcohol and drug use is prohibited at netball training and games and no player should turn up to training or games intoxicated or high.  This constitutes serious miscnduct.
  9. Be a positive role model.  Be positive to all club members and be prepared to accept constructive criticism.
  10. Respect the time and effort coaches put into developing training sessions.  Ensue punctual attendance and inform your coach of any injuries or illness as soon as possible.

Disciplinary Procedures:

The coach is entitled to instigate disciplinar procedures for what they deem to be minor to average breaches.  This may include things like training exercises or being stood down from game(s) for example.  For more serious breaches the issue will be considered by the committee and may include a stand down period or membership revocation (no fees will be repaid in this instance).  

2017 Fees

Fees for the 2017 season have been set at $150.00 per player, all fees must be paid before the first game of the season, otherwise you will not be able to take the court.