Boobops embrace the comradery of Dragon Boating where we can enjoy not only the company of each other as Breast Cancer Survivors but also the health benefits associated with the exercise of the upper body, core and mental strength.  We paddle to support each other to stay strong and have heaps of fun doing it.  Dragon Boating and BCS have a deep-rooted history and a strong partnership, founded some 20-odd years ago when Canadian sports medicine specialist Donald McKenzie challenged the thinking that BCS should refrain from strenuous activity.  He inspired BCS to come together in dragon boat teams because he believed it would benefit their physical health and social wellbeing.  More recent studies have proven the benefits of exercise after breast cancer treatment.

Boobops currently have an active team membership of 48. We are a diverse group of women 

(No men yet) that all have one thing in common, the history of breast cancer and we would not have met without it.  Some of our team members have been paddling for over 20 years as our founding members. We are all so thankful to have found the SILVER LINING of our breast cancer journey having found this team.  Although we all support each other off the water when in the boat we leave our journeys behind us at the jetty and find freedom of being on the water and focussing on the sport we love. Dragon boating requires synchronicity of all paddlers and the feeling of well-being is contagious. Some paddlers say they are not competitive by nature, but they soon learn they are more competitive than they ever thought. The feeling at the end of an extremely close finish can only be called exhilarating. We do enjoy the new mental and physical strength we gain from the sport which rolls over into all parts of our lives.

Boobops currently range in age from their late 30’s through to 80! Some of our fittest are our more mature paddlers.  BCS have their own division in regattas throughout the world and we always look forward to meeting our sisters from near and far on the water.  We are fiercely competitive (even though we think we are not) and we finished our summer season in 2021 with 3 Silver medals in our Regional competitions in Auckland, Nationals were cancelled due to Covid 19.


Please contact Jude Butler for more information and let us know you are coming:

Mobile: 0273651553


These commence in September and run through until April. For training days get in touch with one of the Team Contacts below. 


Coach - Judith Butler - Phone: 0273651553
Captain - Jill Simpson - Phone: 0212240900

Email: [email protected]

For our more comprehensive website with the most current information - Please click here:

​​​​​​​IBCPC International Breast Cancer Participatory Ceremony.

The team first participated in this event in FLORIDA USA 2014. A huge adventure and learning curve and first trip overseas for many, this trip has set a goal to compete in future events, held every 4 years. 

In July (2018) 30 team members and supporters travelled to Florence, Italy, to participate in the International BCS Regatta.  Boobops worked extremely hard for four years preparing for this event both fundraising and training.
Boobops finished with the 6th fastest time in the world event. An amazing achievement ranking 11th   team in the world after the final round. 133 teams from 28 countries and 3000+ paddlers competed.
This was a life time event we as a team and individuals will always cherish. To see that many women wearing pink makes one feel quite emotional.

2023 will see this amazing event be hosted in NEW ZEALAND at Lake Karapiro in the Waikato.
Anticipation is growing as the entries have now opened, which saw 29 teams from all over the world register in the first 6 minutes totalling 675 paddlers and 67 teams by the end of the first day of registration.
Prior to Covid 19 the regatta was expecting 4000-5000 international competitors and supporters, however things are a little uncertain now with the world health issues.
New Zealand is immensely proud to be able to host this event and are working extremely hard creating a world class event for all to enjoy.

World Club Crews

5 of our team qualified in 2019 to represent NZ in the open mixed crew and an open women’s crew who competed in the 14th World Club Crew event held in Thailand. Who would have thought Breast Cancer survivors would represent NZ for the first time in their senior years in the sport of dragon Dragonboating!

​​​​​​​We also travel at times Internationally with our club teams. Hong Kong and Australia have all been amazing trips.The conditioning built up from training over the season enables Boobops to be just as competitive as other paddlers. Something BC paddlers are extremely proud of.

Adventure is amazing however the essence of our team remains focussed on our team members and promoting health and fitness after Breast Cancer throughout the community. 

You don’t have to know how to paddle or have any previous paddling experience to give it a go.  Give us a call and find out when you can come down to have a paddle and see if you enjoy the experience.  We guarantee you will!


Please click on the New Paddlers tab at the top of this page.  This gives you current information for this season's events and subs to pay. It would be a good idea to print this out for future reference.

All paddlers must be registered with the club before getting into the boat. (This is a safety requirement). You are entitled to 3 free paddles before making a decision on whether or not you want to continue. 

There are two subs to pay- one for the BOP Dragonboating club and one for our Boobops Team. ​​​​​​​

Welcome to you all and here's to many years of fun, fitness and friendship!