AR Plus Baywide Premier Mens Rugby

The Club Working Group (as set out in schedule 4 of the BOPRU Constitution) is responsible for formulating the senior mens and womens competitions to be played in the Bay of Plenty region.  Known as "Baywide Premier Mens Rugby", this competition is contested by the top twelve  (12) premier clubs from across the region.

For the 2024 season,  the top twelve (12) clubs were to have participated in the Baywide Premier Mens competition including Marist St Michaels who were promoted to Baywide Premier Mens and Katikati relegated to Western Bay Senior Local for 2024. (See below)

  1. Te Puna
  2. Mount Maunganui Sports
  3. Tauranga Sports 
  4. Te Puke Sports
  5. Whakarewarewa
  6. Rangiuru
  7. Greerton Marist
  8. Rangataua
  9. Ngongotaha
  10. Judea
  11. Rotoiti
  12. Marist St Michaels

Unfortunately, two clubs (Rotoiti and Rangiuru) have withdrawn, 

So, for the 2024 season, the competition will consist of a 10 team competition.

  1. Te Puna
  2. Mount Maunganui Sports
  3. Tauranga Sports 
  4. Te Puke Sports
  5. Whakarewarewa
  6. Greerton Marist
  7. Rangataua
  8. Ngongotaha
  9. Judea
  10. Marist St Michaels

These 10 teams will play two rounds as follows:

  1. Round 1 will kick off Saturday 13th April with a 9 week home and away competition, concluding on Saturday 8th June.
  2. ​​​​​​​Round 2 will kick off Saturday 15th June.  The top 6 teams (Premiership) will play a further 5 weeks and the bottom 4 teams (Championship) will play a further 3 weeks. 

All points from round 1 will carry forward into round 2.

The top 6 teams are competing for the title of Baywide Premier Mens trophy.  The bottom 4 teams are competing for the final two places in next years 2025 Baywide Premier Mens Premiership (top 8).  While not yet comfirmed, it is likely that the remaining two teams of this years Premier Mens competition will enter into the Baywide Premier Mens Championship (2nd 8).

​​​​​​​The Top 6 semi finals will be contested on Saturday 20th July 2024 as follows:

  1. 1st vs 4th 
  2. 2nd vs 3rd ​​​​​​​

The final will be played on Saturday 27th July 2024 between the 2 x semi final winners, with the highest ranked semi final winner to host.

The top 2 teams of the Championship division (bottom 4) will play a final on Saturday 13th July 2024.

While this competition is underway, the three sub unions will be playing their own local sub union competitions.

Sub Union Contacts


The Senior Club Working Group is made up of nine (9) community based volunteers, three (3) from each of our three sub unions, with one of those representatives from each sub union to come from the Womens game, one (1) member of the board and and one (1) management representative.  It's purpose is to:

1.Assist the board in setting the Senior Club Rugby competition format for men and women and draws each year in the district. 

2. Provide advice to the board and management on how to be more responsive to club and sub union needs and views.

3. Assist in improving relationships with the Rugby community, stakeholders, sponsors and other community providers and agencies.

4. To promote greater awareness of Rugby related issues and challenges along with positive outcomes.

The responsibilities of the Senior Club Working Group are:

  • Advise the Board in relation to the promotion and improvement of the health of the Rugby community including women’s rugby.
  • Support Rugby promotion initiatives in the community e.g. workshops, seminars, coaching / player /manager / administrator pathways and any other related skill set courses.
  • Support the goal of seeking greater Rugby community awareness and involvement.
  • Advise BOPRU on how to be more responsive to Rugby community needs and views.
  • Foster relationships and partnerships with club, sub-union, community and other sports related providers.
  • Respect the confidentiality of the meeting discussions and not to disseminate unofficial information or comments.
  • Respond to communications within the time period given.
  • Appoint a member of the Board Appointments Panel.

The current delegates of the Senior Club Working Group are:

Chairperson: Warena Morgan ( Board Member)

WBOP: Tim Smith, Greg Stephenson and Riwa Keno

CBOP: Stephen Hurring, Tina Stephens and Lee Uerata

EBOP: Tunihia Tupe, Noi Elmiger & Erica McCauley

BOPRU Management: Pat Rae GM Community Rugby