​​Bowls is a friendly game – let the exercise of consideration for others, courtesy and good sportsmanship add charm to a skilful and rewarding sport. Here are a few tips which may help:

Hints for beginners (and others)

  • Bowls should not be dropped on the Green
  • Do not stand on the edges of the Green
  • Matches, cigarette ends etc., should be placed in the proper container, not in the ditches
  • Bowls should not be kicked in until the shot has been decided
  • After delivering a bowl a player should retire at least two meters behind the mat. He should not take up a position at or in front of the mat.
  • Don’t delay the game
  • Don’t wander around or move about the head when a player is about to deliver a bowl and particularly do not stand in line with the boundary pegs
  • Don’t talk in a loud tone whilst a player is about to deliver a bowl
  • When watching a match, always observe strict neutrality. Advice or criticism must not be given. Barracking is bad form.
  • All bowlers should know and understand the Laws of the Game as laid down by World Bowls


  • Give full support to the members of your team and Skip
  • Advise your opponent if unable to keep an appointment for any game
  • Always conform to the correct attire for play
  • Applaud good shots and generally encourage all players
  • Keep still and silent whilst your opponent and other members of the team are playing
  • Always watch the play. Take an interest without interfering
  • Play always for the side and not individual success


  • Argue with the Skip on the shot to play
  • Interfere with the Skip unless the position is changed
  • Develop mannerisms which indicate displeasure at indifferent play or success
  • Stray on the adjoining rink
  • Have excuses for bad play and readily accept praise for success
  • Abuse the privileges of the Club
  • When changing ends don’t go ahead of the player who last delivered a bowl

Coaching for the 2021 - 2022Season

Coaching sessions are available on request;  If you need help with something that is going wrong in your game do not hestitate to contact any of our club coaches.  They are more than willing to help.
Weekly coaching will be held each Wednesday starting in doors for new bowler in August. Outdoor activities start early September.

Coaches contact details are in the club handbook.