Hi from Hopes Dunedin Lawn Bowls Stadium

It has been a very busy 6 weeks to start the year off. Thank you all for your support.

The sheets will be up on the board tomorrow morning for the second 6 week session. Ballots will take place if needed. You can phone 4561144, email bowlsstadium@gmail.com or call in with your entry.

Starting this Friday afternoon and through the weekend is the postponed PBA NZ Finals from 2021. A fantastic field will ensure some superb bowls. Come along and support the local players, have a bite to eat, some refreshments and enjoy each others company.

Cheers John 0273552819



Morning all bowlers

The following is a list of vacancies for the first quarter starting 11/4/2022

Monday morning 4 vacancies,  HK Pairs.  Will take either 2 more or 4 entries (to avoid a bye)

Tuesday night Triples 1 vacancy

Wednesday morning 4's,  8 vacancies Will take either 2, 4, 6, or 8 entries (to avoid a bye)

Thursday afternoon triples, 9 vacancies . Will take either 1,3,5,7,9 entries (to avoid a bye)

Saturday morning 4's,  2 vacancies.  Will only take 2 entries (to avoid a bye)

All other Leagues/mini tournaments are full. The first 16 that entered in each session, are those that will be playing. Those that missed out have been notified.

Draws will be up on the board on Wednesday 6/4/22

Please help , if you can, by paying your membership on line through Click here , click on Subscriptions 2020 and follow prompts.

This doesnt apply to those  members whose clubs have payed their membership. Those clubs so far are, Andersons Bay, Kaikorai, Macandrew Bay, St Kilda

.Call John on 0273552819 if you have any queries






Just a quick note to let you know that we are running an afternoon session of Optional Mixed Triples on Thursdays starting at 1.00pm. Please either phone 4561144 or call in to put your entry in





Unfortunately we have had to further delay the opening of Bowling Green for Roll Ups. Hopefully it will be open before the weekend. Will let you know this Thursday.

We are still open for entering Leagues / Mini Tournaments and for taking Membership payments.

In the last week the fabric on all of the chairs has been commercially cleaned. The carpet in the Bar Lounge and Restaurant has also been cleaned. This will be followed by the entrance and bowling green surrounds.

A huge thank you to Dave Pile for doing this, this year and for the last 20 odd years. The carpet still looks great and with the new paint job the Stadium is looking sharp.

Any questions please contact John Latimer on 0273552819



Pre season Update

- Four weeks now until opening day the 11th April

- Entry sheets for Leagues and Mini tournaments will be up on the board Monday the 14th March.

- If demand requires it, we will have Monday morning Hong Kong Pairs and possibly Monday night.


- Ballots will take place if entries exceed 16 in any one event. Those balloted out will not be balloted out again this year or next.

- Some clubs have already applied for and been successful in getting grants for their Stadium members Subs.

- For all other bowlers it would be great if the Membership Fee of $55 could be paid online . This would save a lot of congestion and time at the front desk prior to the start of each session.

- Our website is back up and running . Go to bowlsstadium.nz and then onto Subscriptions 2022. Fill out the form.

- With Covid now with us there will no doubt be some late withdrawals from sessions with people having to isolate at short notice. Please understand that byes may happen if replacements can’t be found.

- The Stadium is closed for all Bowls until probably Wednesday the 16th March due to painting . Will update this next week

 - There is however access to come in and put your name up on the session sheets. You could also email your entry to bowlsstadium@gmail.com or call 4561144 between 10.00am and 4.00pm.

- Any questions please don't hesitate to call John on 0273552819


1/2/2022 2022 SEASON

Hi from Hopes Dunedin Lawn Bowls Stadium.

Since the end of last season's bowls at the Stadium, it has been the busiest off season for a long time. Xmas functions, Fun Sports Nights, Funeral gatherings and many more events took place.

Thanks to all that helped make these events successful.

The final Debenture will be cleared up in the next couple of weeks..Phew now Debt free.

Starting on the 14th February a painting upgrade will happen. The upstairs lounge ceiling and walls, the bar area ceiling and walls, all doors and all walls around the Bowling green will be painted This is long overdue and will brighten the place up. A huge thanks to the Otago Community Trust for their assistance in making this possible.

At some point the Bowling Green will be closed. We will notify all members closer to the time when that will be.

The Stadium's Covid policy is the same as Bowling Clubs in our centre ie. Everyone entering the Stadium must be double vaxed and have a Covid Passport available to be verified.

You can now register and and pay your Subs online by clicking on Bowls Dunedins Wesite and then on their Home page on the left hand side. is a list of Clubs. Click on the Dunedin Lawn Bowls Stadium then click on the Subscriptions 2022 icon and complete the form .

Any questions please contact John Latimer on 0273552819


Hi Bowlers

The Stadium will not be open regular hours this week so please call first to make sure someone is there before you come in. Back to fully open next week

Contact John on 0273552819 if the matter is urgent






It is with sadness that we announce the passing of one of our Life Members, Daphne Hynes, this week. Daphne was a member of the Executive for many years, being Secretary for 3 of them. Her love for the Stadium was evident in all the roles she fulfilled in making sure the Stadium survived. Not only was she very competent at everything she did , she was also always great fun to be around and a beautiful human being.To all Daphne's family and friends, our thoughts are with you at this time

Stadium Executive





More details have come out under Sport and Recreation at Level 2, Indoor Recreation Facilities.

Guideance for customers: "You should wear a face covering wherever possible, except when exercising and playing sports"

So it is up to you whether or not you use a mask whilst playing bowls at the Stadium




Hello to all Stadium Members

Great news this afternoon which means we can now start where we finished off before lockdown.

The Leagues will resume on Wednesday morning the 8th with the Fours . As there are only 8 teams (4 rinks ) there will be room for everyone.

All other sessions will start as scheduled, ie Wednesday Night, Thursday Morning and Night, Friday Morning , Saturday Morning and next week will include Tuesday Morning and Night.

One more team is required for Saturday Morning Fours to avoid a bye.

Roll ups will carry on as before, as will the Monday afternoon Club Day.

At level 2 we now can have a maximum of 50 people in the Stadium at any one time, so we are well under that.

Please remember you must Scan in or Register, bring your facemask and adhere to distancing requirements.

If there are questions, please call me on 0273552819


John Latimer





Hi there all Bowlers,

Just a quick update on revised dates for PBA events

The Dunedin Finals will be held at the Stadium on Sunday the 19th September and the NZ Finals on the 8th, 9th and 10th of October




Good morning all bowlers

This was to be the busiest month of the year with 2 PBA events, the North vs South match, our leagues, Cash Pairs, 2 Fun Sports Nights and a 2 day conference. Not all is yet lost for the season and come Tuesday at 1.00pm we will have a better idea of what is going to happen.

Unfortunately even going to level 3 wont help. We need to be at level 2 to open the Stadium up, with restrictions.

All the best to you all, stay safe and take care of each other. Will update on Tuesday night. Any questions contact John Latimer on 0273552819





As you are no doubt all aware the Stadium will be closed until at least 11.59pm on Friday the 20th. We will be hoping that we can open again on Saturday morning but this will depend on Fridays announcement . Will advise then.

Take care




The Entry sheets for the last six week session of the year will be put up on he board tomorrow the 3rd of August. What a great opportunity to practice and hit the ground running for the upcoming outdoor season.

Good Bowling





Hopes Dunedin Lawn Bowls Stadium

Hi there

The last few weeks have been extremely busy, so a big thank you to both our paid staff and all the volunteers who have worked hard to make it all happen.

 August and September look to be even busier, so  all visitors and members, please remember to  be nice to our vollies.


To all our Debenture Holders, we have some great news. We have said all along that when we have the funds to pay you all back, we would.

At our  Executive meeting last week  it was agreed to start the process of repaying you all. You will all be notified by mail in the coming weeks

.Once again thank you for your debenture which  made the building of this fantastic Stadium possible.

The Dunedin Lawn Bowls Stadium Inc will be debt free when this process of repayment is complete.

To the many Volunteers over the years and all those that have served on the Executive since 1995, this milestone is a tribute to you all, for your selfless time and effort in making this Stadium the premium Indoor Bowls venue in New Zealand.

Any questions please don't hesitate to contact John Latimer (0273552819) or Michael Ayers (0211843490)






Hi all bowlers

Come down to the Stadium to see the Womens Champion of Champion Pairs Final at 1.00pm followed by the Mens Final at 4.oopm



Good morning from Hopes Dunedin Lawn Bowls Stadium.

Starting today at 8.00am through until 8.00pm tonight, then the same tomorrow with the finals on Sunday are the National Champion of Champion Pairs..

If you want to watch some fantastic bowls in nice warm surroundings come and have a look. Great food available throughout the day.

See you here








Good evening all bowlers.

This season has been the busiest for a few years and is reflected in the numbers playing at the Stadium. Whilst this is great, it does create a problem as we can only fit a certain number of players on the green.

At our Executive meeting tonight , after a lot of discussion, the following was decided.

The sheets for the next session of bowls, starting the 5th of July, will go up on the board at 11.00am tomorrow the 22nd June.

A ballot will take place for any league/mini tournament, that have more than 16 entries. Anyone balloted out will be exempt from any future ballots that winter season.

Bowls Stadium Executive



Do you want to see some great bowls???. This Sunday the 16th, the Kittyhawk under 30 pairs are on at the Stadium from 9.30am with the semis and finals from 2.00pm ish.. Some of the top young bowlers from our region will be involved plus some new developing talent.. Come along and support the next generation of top bowlers

Good Bowling








Hi from Hopes Dunedin Lawn Bowls Stadium

The sheets for the next 6 week session starting Monday the 24th May are now up on the board..Be in early to avoid disappointment.

Good Bowling

Toucha .





Please note that If you are coming in on Mondays after 4pm for a roll up phone first to check that the green , (blue really) is available, as this is the time allocated for it to be vacuumed.

For the next 3 Wednesdays between 4.45pm and 6.15pm the green is CLOSED as we have a full green required for coaching, which is fantastic

Thank You




As from tomorrow The Dunedin Lawn Bowls Stadium will be called. "Hopes Dunedin Lawn Bowls Stadium".

We thank Andrew and his Team at Hope and Sons Funeral Directors for their support and are looking forward to working with them,

Great News

Stadium Executive



Hi all bowlers,An update before the start of the 2021 Indoor season.

The draws for all leagues will be done later this week. Unfortunately the Wednesday  Night Triples wont be starting in the first week. This will be looked at again after the first couple of weeks and could possibly end up being Hong Kong Pairs. We will keep you informed on this.

In place of Championship Events this year we will be looking at running a variety of options.

 Saturday afternoons  Optional Mixed Triples 3 games of 50 minutes, 1pm start

 Sunday mornings OMHKP 3 games of 50 minutes ,9.30am start. 

Sunday afternoons,1 pm start, alternate between Optional Mixed 2 bowls Triples and Fours. 

These tournaments to be run when the Green is available and entries are sufficient.

The very successful  Friday Cash Pairs is once again on the programme when the green is available.

More details on all of these  to come. A big thanks to Billy Hinton for driving these events.

The AGM is on Sunday the 18th April at 7.00pm. Nomination forms for the executive are available at reception.

To avoid queues at reception subs can be paid online. Visit Click here click on  Subscriptions 2021 and follow instructions.

Looking forward to seeing you all this winter.

Good bowlingToucha








As Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Mornings are now full we are trialing Monday Morning Hong Kong Pairs Mini Tournament - 3 Games of 50 minutes from Monday 12th April for 6 weeks. A minimum of 10 teams will be required before it goes ahead. So enter your names quickly. Especially those who missed out on the other days.



Hi there all Bowlers

Not long before the season kicks off on the week beginning the 12th April. 

The Stadium AGM will be held on Sunday the 18th April at 7.oopm at the Stadium.

Entry sheets are now up on the Stadium notice board for the first 6 week session. Be in early and get your entry in to avoid disappointment.

To avoid congestion at the counter for the first couple of weeks, you can now register and pay your sub of $55 on line. Click on our web site   bowlsstadium.nz  then click on the Subscription 2021 icon and complete the form. 

Any questions please contact John Latimer on 0273552819

Good BowlingToucha



Hi There,Just a notice from the Stadium.All Club Secretaries should now have quotes from the Stadium for their members subs for the 2021 season.Bendigo Valley Sports and Charity Foundation is no longer an option but there are other Trusts to apply to, if you want to apply.Two clubs have already received grants for their members Subs.Contact John on 0273552819 if you have any questions


Hello all bowlers

A final update for 2020.Hope everyone has coped with this crazy year that we have just had. Lets hope 2021 brings back some normality into our lives.

The shortened Stadium season has been busy from the 8th June until last Friday night when we hosted the Highlanders management, coaching , conditioning team, and front office, for a  Fun Sports night and meal. As with all the other nights this was hugely successful and profitable. A big thanks to all the volunteers for their support of these events and other functions

. Thanks to Pat Fisher for ensuring everyone was well fed

.The support of all bowlers filling our leagues was very satisfying and the playing numbers were higher than the previous few years

. With no Championship events the Friday night "Cash Pairs" and the Sunday "4's " certainly filled the void and were very popular. Next season's programme will be available late January 2021.

The 25th Birthday celebration was an awesome night with a lot of interesting reflection on the Stadium's journey so far.  I still dont think we really appreciate what a fantastic facility this is and what  our winters would be like without it.

The Stadium is now closed until the 18th Jan. Any inquiries call John on 0273552819

All the best for Xmas and New Year and the rest of the outdoor season

Good BowlingToucha



The Bowls Stadium will be closed from 23rd December until 18th January. As we are winding down please phone the Stadium on 4561144 before coming in on December 21st, 22nd and 23rd to make sure someone is there. Please ring John Latimer on 0273552819 if urgent.


The building of the Stadium is now available to view via You Tube under History on our website.