​​​​​​​Summer/Spring League


Need a ref or want to get paid for your refing?

CPHB has set up a system so that teams requiring duty referees can be matched with available referees.

Here's how it works.

Teams that need a ref -  follow this link CPHB Help I need a ref and send a message to the group with the following details.

Day, date, time, pitch and team for whom duty is required, also include a contact for the ref to introduce themselves to on the night.

We will assign you a ref and reply to your message with their name so you know that you're covered. Please give us as much time as possible.

You will need to pay your ref on the night, Please bring $20 cash.

People that want to ref -  follow this link CPHB I want to ref and join the group 

When a ref is required we will message the group with the details. If you are available to do it then reply with a "yes" or a "yes with mentor". Duties will be assigned and confirmed by us after people have had an opportunity to reply, unless it's short notice in which case they will be assigned straight away by us.

A database will be kept to ensure that everyone is getting their turn.

Mentors - If you want to be a Mentor and support our new refs please follow this link CPHB ref mentoring and join the group.  You will need to be confident at refing and confident in supporting new refs who are unsure about what they are doing. 

When you join any of the groups please start by sending a message with your full name so we know who you are.

Points Table​​​​​​​

Spring League 2023

To be run in Term 4



  • Spring League Div 1 - TOP players. National League A grade and B1 teams.  

  • Spring League Div 2 - Competitive Social Teams. Div 1 grade for winter league or would have if you had got the chance. Pushing grade for adults/social players 

  • Spring League Div 3 - Social Teams. Social grade for winter league. No pushing. First time in a boat. Want to give it a go. 

  • Spring League Div 4 - A grade school (A1 and A2 teams), pushing 

  • Spring League Div 5 - B grade school (B1 and B2 teams), pushing 

  • Spring League Div 6 - C/D grade school, no pushing 

  • Spring League Div 7 - Intermediate age teams. E grade school. No pushing.  

  • Spring League Div 8 - Primary age teams. F grade school. No pushing. Young players wanting to give polo a go. 

  • If you don’t have a team, put yourself down as an individual player and we will see if we can find a team to slot you into.  

  • This league is aimed not only to get more game time for our top players. But provides an opportunity for everyone to play in the spring/summer. 

  • Depending on entries CPHB reserves the right to add or combine grades to best accommodate teams.  

  • You may have as many players as you like in a team. But please list the players names down. And you can only play with a max of 8 players per game.  

  • If you are in one of the “school” grades, teams do not have to be made up of players from the same school (but of course can be). 

  • It's a great opportunity as well to learn how to referee, so put your name down to ref and we will see what we can do to work with you and enable you to develop as a referee. Duty teams will all need to provide BOTH referees. 


All equipment (boats, paddles, helmets, pfd’s, decks, balls) will be provided by CPHB but you may bring and use your own if you wish. 


Mitre 10 Park, Canoe Polo facility. Let's make the most of our new space and get people involved.  


Tuesday nights - Div 7 & 8 (Primary/Intermediate School)

Wednesday nights - Div 1, 2 & 3 (Adults)

Thursday nights - Div 4, 5 & 6 (High School)

Starts the week of Tuesday 17th October and will run for 7 weeks (6 weeks of regular competition + finals week). 

Finals week will be a repechage style (all teams will get a game) week of 28th November.  


Start Time - 6pm (some grades may need to start ealier depending on entries). If you are on Duty you will need to be there half an hour early to make sure the clocks get set up please. And you will need to make sure the clocks get put away at the end of the night. Duty team to supply BOTH referees 

​​​​​​​Division 7 & 8 - $40 per player up to a maximum of $250 per team

Division 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 - $50 per player up to a maximum of $300 per team

Any other questions please contact [email protected]

ENTRIES CLOSE - Sunday 24th September