Become a Member of CSNZ

Canoe Slalom New Zealand Incorporated is the National Sports Organisation responsible for governing and nurturing the Olympic sport of canoe slalom in New Zealand. We are affilated to the International Canoe Federation through the New Zealand Canoeing Ferderation.

To be eligible to compete at Oceania Championships, NZ Open Championships, NZ National Championships, Mangahao Open, North Island Championships, South Island Championships, All-Comers Camps and be selected for national squads or teams paddlers must be a registered member of CSNZ.

CSNZ Membership for the calendar year 2024 (1 January 2024 - 31st December 2024) costs $15 per person. In addition to the Membership fee a $10 per person levy will be collected with event entry fees for the following events:  Oceania Championships, NZ Open Championships, Mangahao Open, NZ National Championships, North Island Championships, South Island Championships, All-Comers Camps​​​​​​​.

IMPORTANT:  ALL members are required to sign and submit a waiver form for the current year. The waiver form can be accessed through the registration form, and must be attached.

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