Welcome to icoach for March 2021.

Firstly thank you for all you do. We have been so fortunate to be able to partake in a whole range of activities this season. I stood on the side of the games arena  at Zone 3’s Games and thought how lucky this busy time of year has been but how lucky I was to attend Bruce Forbes Eventing, North Island Show Jumping Champs and Dressage Champs in Wairarapa.  Plus saw lots of great things going on in the South Island - can’t wait to get down South to check in with you all for the Coaches Conference. It is a delight to see lots of you achieving your goals and supporting each other in the spirit of Pony Club. This of course would not be possible with many, many hours of volunteer work to coordinate teams, selections, team entries and much more. Trust me when I say I get it! From me I want to thank you and your branches, clubs, areas, Mums and Dads and your whole support crew. We love how you have been able to make the lives of our young people richer, from all these experiences. Thank you.

Coaches Conference is ComingDate: Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th MayVenue: Novotel Christchurch Cathedral Square & Christchurch RDA Theme: Balance is Better 

There are plenty of aspects we can apply that to both in our Pony Club teaching and lives. We look forward to seeing you there and catching up with you all, along with celebrating your fabulous success. We can’t wait to share a weekend of professional learning with you all. Connect with old friends and make some new ones. 

Looking forward to seeing your registrations come rolling in.Coaches Conference Registration Form - Click HereA & H Celebration In January we had a huge weekend at Little Valley Farm, Waikato  in the North Island. We would love to congratulate the following riders on their massive achievement. It is a big deal to get to this level and takes a lot of commitment and dedication to learning. 

A Riding Complete Lena Hayes Waikato 

 Emily Kozlowski  Wairarapa 

Jessica Todd Wellington Amy Westlake Wellsford 

A Dressage 

Olivia Robinson Waikato 

Roz Williams Heretaunga 

H Certificate 

Jessica Horne Horowhenua 

Brea Walker Wainoni Park 

Willa Atiken Heretaunga 

Rachel Edwards Wainui Pa 

 South Island in February under some very hot conditions we had some other riders achieve their goals. We congratulate 

A Complete Certificate Katherine Hadler SpringstonH CertificateMaia Schinkel OxfordKatherine Hadler Springston Charlotte Thomas - Honours - View Hill 

Congratulations ladies on your success, along with the coaches, parents and anyone else who helped you along on your journey. 

H Certificate Groom and Observer 

There are opportunities both for senior riders to be grooms and coaches at this level to observe and grow your knowledge of these senior certificates.

Check out this page to learn more about it. Click Here

Here is our hard working groom in the South Island Tessa Jones who along with her mother needs a huge thank you for all the awesome work she did. Thanks team Jones. 

Exam'sHere are some tips coaches to help prepare your riders for exam success. 

First impressions count. Turnout at an exam starting with a well turned out mount and a formal professional looking uniform is always a great way to start an exam. 

  • Super clean tack including a nice clean bit is good

  • Well polished boots

  • A well brushed mane and tail - or if is an exam you are plaiting for nicely presented plaits

  • Hair nicely tied up

  • Be prompt to your exam time.

    Moving to a Horse Management phase of your exam. Please make sure you remain tidy, stay in your uniform, and ask the Technical Delegate if you are required to wear your helmet throughout. Keep your riding boots on and refrain from getting into your gumboots, unless the ground conditions require you to.Summing Up at the end of an exam. 

When the examiners are giving you and your team your feedback please remain in your full uniform as it is still part of the exam. Our examiners are special to us and we are very grateful that they are willing to be available as part of the Education Pathway here at New Zealand Pony Club. Thank you to all our special examiners for everything you do. Remember to fill in the google document so we can see what awesome work is going on.  Click HereGames at Pony Club

How are you going teaching games skills at Pony Club? Send us your photos. We would love to see them.

 It was great to be at Zone 3’s Games in February. Have to say although we have had some keen game riders at our branch previously but I have been reminded of the importance of games lately. Have to say although having some keen riders previously at Pony Club who moved onto Mounted Games I have had many new learnings over the past 18 months as my child and her friends are enjoying games more and more. 

Now every rally there is game gear out, and you will be surprised you watch the seniors off to get water between phases and you see them pick up a flag or change mugs from pole to pole. 

What has been special with games is it is very much a team and the comradery and willingness to help out each other has been beautiful. Send us your games photos so we can celebrate. Remember Balance is Better enjoy giving your riders a variety of activities. Don't forget your Regional Sports Trust have other great ways of helping you. If you haven't built a relationship with them yet it would be a great thing to do. They have a range of Coaching Courses as well as courses around concussion and much more. A great way to grow your coaches. 

 Back to Basics Reminder

I have been out and about and I reiterate enough the messages of Kay Hogan, in the last i-coach about making sure we are doing the basics well. We need to make sure we are keeping everyone safe when handling our horses. 


We are looking at our Professional Learning and what has worked for NZPCA and its coaches. Here is the link for anyone that wishes to fill it out. Anyone who is currently teaching at Pony Club and doesn't hold an Equine Teaching Qualification. Click Here We will also be sending another very short survey out to our ECTP Coaches to get some feedback on how we can improve the programme. So please do keep an eye on your inbox. 


As the season comes to a conclusion, for some, don’t forget to celebrate all the special people that have helped you out over the year and what a 12 months it has been. We have all become good at adapting. Remember to acknowledge all those wonderful people who are the true legends of the Change the Rein Campaign. Keep up the fabulous work you have all been doing. Your hard work is appreciated by us all. 

 Louise Ilton 

Education and Development Managerlouise@nzpca.orgph 027 266 5076