Junior Cricket Cancellation for 19/10/2019

Good afternoon coaches and club administrators,


We would like to advise you all that Canterbury Country Cricket is making a decision to cancel all Saturday morning Junior Cricket for Saturday the 19th of October.


The main reasons for this blanket cancellation are:


  1. The rain we have experienced today in Canterbury has been wide spread.


  1. The playing fields and pitches will not be in suitable condition to offer a safe and/or enjoyable experience for players.


We hope that the weather improves in the coming week and all junior cricket can begin on the 26th of October.


This blanket cancellation only affects junior Section 1, 2, 3 and 4 cricket. All youth and adult grades matches should still be decided upon by team coaches/captains or umpires in the premier men’s grade.

Article added: Friday 18 October 2019


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