All instructors are police vetted on appointment, and are trained in first aid.

Top photo: Jeremy, Matt and Craig. Bottom photo: Dave and Grace.

Jeremy Ray (2nd dan)

I followed my father into taekwondo when I was twelve, leaving just before my red belt. After a long break, in 2008 I joined Crichton Cobbers, which closed down after the earthquakes, so I transferred to Cardinals. I achieved my black belt in 2013 and second dan in 2017.  As a chef I work in a high intensity environment and find taekwondo a great release for stress and a good way to keep fit.  I run the Monday sessions and am the club President.

Matthew Vandenburg (2nd dan)

Hi I'm Matt.  I started taekwondo as an uncoordinated white belt in 2006 at the Hororata Taekwondo Club.  I moved into the city in 2007 and started training at Cardinals.  I have been instructing at Cardinals since 2010 and really enjoy seeing anybody and everybody having fun achieving their goals in taekwondo.  In a couple of years I hope to see my two sons gain as much enjoyment at taekwondo as I do.

Craig Copson (3rd dan)

Hi there.  I've been involved in taekwondo for many years, participating in many demonstrations and tournaments in my younger days, but I took a break from training after reaching my red belt black tab.  After many years of other fitness work I returned to train with my son at Cardinals and in 2016 achieved my black belt. In 2019 I was awarded my third dan.  I am enjoying continuing the art of taekwondo and passing on my knowledge at the same time. 

Senior Instructor Dave Levestam (3rd dan)

​​​​​​​Around 1985 I chose taekwondo as a sport to repair a damaged leg so I could continue with rugby. Four years of taekwondo instilled a passion for the sport that has never left me.  After a lengthy break overseas I returned to Christchurch and joined Cardinals with my (then)11 year old daughter. It has been a privilege to help the new students and their mums and dads grow in skill and confidence.  I instruct the Friday evening sparring sessions and the Saturday sessions, and am the club Tournament Manager and Senior Instructor.

Grace Dowson (2nd dan)

I’ve been training with Cardinals since I was six years old together with my dad (Instructor) Rob and sister. My biggest achievement was being given my first dan black belt in 2013, which was followed by my second dan in 2017. I’ve had to overcome a fractured wrist but am now training for my third dan and aiming for a career in the army.