Carmel Marist Netball Club

Carmel Marist Netball Club

Our goals are to attract new players and coaches to the club, develop and nurture our existing players and foster that true “club spirit”. Throughout the season we hold fun social events

If you are as passionate about the game as much as we are and if you are interested in a club that’s on the move up.....come and join us! We cater for the serious, social and young development players (year 9 - 13)....anyone who just wants to play netball!


Club Dates

Club Day - Monday 23rd March - Club games 

Grading: This will only take place on Saturday 4th April at NNH 9 - 3.45pm. Everyone is expected to available for grading as this determines what grade your team will play in for the season.  Teams will have up to 4 20minute games on this day.

We will be running a couple of fundraising events which everyone will be involved. ie selling chocolates. Any help with fundraising or have any 
sponsorship contacts would be really appreciated.