For those new to swimming we need to teach you how to read results, it can be confusing so here is an example of a result:

Name                          Distance      Stroke         Qualifying time       Result Time          % Improvement

James Lowe               200m         Backstroke           2.31.27                      2.29.84                      -1.43

1)      a Negative result in the Improvement column, means they have swum faster i.e. -1.43 means they have cut their previous best time by -1.43 seconds –

2)      if you see just a “  – “ result in the improve column, that means they have not swum this event before whilst at CSC – and therefore it is NOT a PB it is the first time they have swum the event.

3)      On the other hand - a time like 1.43 means that they have swum it before but in fact they were 1.43 seconds slower than their best time ever. 

There are many options for accessing results: (note this applies mainly for Competitive swimmers who attend official meets at other pools, ie the Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre, Naenae Pool, The Lido in Palmerston North.  Club nights and Metro events for club swimmers will have their results emailed from the Race Secretary).

Wait for the results to be sent to you from the Race Secretary

Click here for MYPAGE in the Swimming NZ Database - all registered swimmers results can be found here if they are a SNZ approved meet (Club Nights are not SNZ Approved meets) - you'll get access once you are a registered swimmer.

Click here for TAKEYOURMARKS which comes with a 60 day free trial - then an annual fee of around $30. Great tool for setting goals and assessing the swimmer against target times for future events.

Sign up for Click here Meet Mobile which is an APP and gives you almost live results. Current cost for the App on your phone is $3.50. MeetMobile is not used for every event - but is a great tool for those larger events.