Conditions for a Swimming Wellington/New Zealand records.

• All record applications must adhere to the FINA, SNZ and SW rules. • Swimming New Zealand regulation 9.2 states; “New Zealand records will only be accepted when times are recorded by automatic timing or semiautomatic timing in the event of an automatic timing system malfunction…” . • Swimming New Zealand regulation 9.10 states; “An application must be received by SNZ within 21 days of the date of the performance, or within 21 days of a competitor/team returning from overseas.

SW records can be attained by a correctly registered, financial, competitive member of SW competing at ANY meet – using automatic, semi-automatic or manual timing systems – as long as the meet conforms with the Minimum Officiating Requirements, and follows the Meet Approval Process as outlined in these policies.

A competitor (or their club team manager or race secretary) may apply for a SW record as long as the application is received by SW within 21 days of the performance - Information to be certified by the meet referee as above (if possible). If not possible, by the club or regional team manager who attended the event. By signing this application the referee/team manager certifies that they held their respective position at the competition and that all rules of FINA/SNZ/SW pertaining to SW records were fully obtained.