TimekeeperThere is no regional timekeeper qualification.The referee for each meet, along with the appointed Chief Timekeeper, must ensure that all timekeepers, regardless of experience, are adequately briefed to perform the task of timekeeping.Briefing for each meet depends on the equipment being used (e.g. manual stopwatches only, semiautomatic equipment, with stopwatch back-up and automatic equipments with semi-automatic and stopwatch backups).SW will provide laminated briefing sheets for use at all SW meets. The referee/CTK to ensure that these sheets are provided to all officials prior to the commencement of the meet and that novice officials are given additional, verbal guidance.The CTK is to ensure that inexperienced officials are ‘buddied’ with more experienced officials.The briefing sheet will include: - Key content from the SNZ Technical Officials Guide, SNZ Code of Conduct and will also covers poolside etiquette (e.g. cell phone policy, support for swimmers, etc)The CTK should circulate around all timekeepers over the course of the meet to check that times recorded by each timekeeper are within an acceptable tolerance (i.e. typically within 3/10th of a second).