Key dates for 2025 Student Enrolments


26th Jul                 Year 9 Enrolments and Scholarships Close

31st July                Year 9 Out-of-Zone Ballot (if necessary)


5th August            Ballot result notification sent
                             In-zone confirmation of place letters sent

14th August          Year 9 Scholarship (unsuccessful / Interview) notification sent (except Academic)

12th August          Scholarship Interviews

                             Scholarships Offered

16th August          Last day for acceptance of Enrolment

23rd August          Last day for acceptance of Scholarships

                             Year 10 – 13 Enrolments Close

26th August          Year 10 – 13 Out of Zone Ballot (If necessary)

                             Y10-13 Ballot result notification sent

                             Year 10 -13 in zone confirmation of place letters sent


19th September   Year 8 Testing Morning (Academic Scholarships)

24th September   Year 8 Testing Morning Catch Up


11th October         Academic Scholarships offered

25th October        Deadline for acceptance of Academic Scholarship

Term Dates 2024

Term 1   Tuesday 30 January ~ Friday 12 April  

Term 2   Monday 29 April ~ Friday 5 July 

Term 3   Monday 22 July ~ Friday 27 September 

Term 4   Monday 14 October ~ Wednesday 11 December

Term Dates 2025

Term 1   Thursday 30 January ~ Friday 11 April

Term 2    Monday 28 April ~ Friday 27 June

Term 3    Monday 14 July ~ Friday 19 September

Term 4    Monday 6 October ~ Tuesday 9 December 

Enrolment (Domestic Students)

The definition of a domestic student is available through the Ministry of Education and Immigration New Zealand.

Below is our online Enrolment form as well as PDF documents.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Enrolment (International Fee Paying Students)

If you do not meet the requirements of a domestic student you will need to enrol as an international student.

Click the button below to view the International Student Enrolment Information and forms.

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