School Rules & Guidelines

School Rules

Cashmere High School believes in maintaining excellence of standards and in the rights of all students to a positive and safe learning environment.  An assertive discipline programme operates for management of the classroom and the school grounds.

Teachers are always encouraged to give positive reinforcement to reward good behaviour.  Warnings are used to modify/stop inappropriate behaviour, while referrals to guidance staff and phoning home to discuss issues can also be used.

All students have a right to learn, and teachers have a right to teach.  Inappropriate and disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated and can result in consequences to help deter and correct such behaviour and keep others safe and free from distractions.  Disciplinary consequences can vary depending on the incident, but could include: lunch-time detentions, removal to the Contract Room, Friday after school detentions, or being stood-down (i.e. removed) from school.