The Central Districts Cricket Association Board approved a three-year strategic plan to cover the period from 2019 to 2022.

The plan was developed with the view to aligning with the strategic plan of New Zealand Cricket so as to ensure a consistency in delivery and outcomes of both the Domestic Professional and Community Game.

VISION Present the game in a way that inspires consistently more people to be involved with all aspects of cricket

MISSION To Lead, Support, Promote and Manage cricket in the Central Districts heartland of New Zealand

VALUES Excellence, Togetherness, Integrity, Team, Pride

Our strategic objectives, as set out in the plan are...

TO GROW participation and performance

TO RAISE the positive profile & perception of cricket in our region

TO IMPROVE the robustness of the CD Cricket Network

Our strength is in our difference. Our dispersed region is our challenge, but relationships with our Family of District Stakeholders ensures that we continue to deliver a cricket product that thrives


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