Years 7-13


Terms 1 and 4


Aorakis - $3 per event


School Swimming - Friday 16 February, C Bay

Aoraki Swimming - Friday 24 May, Ashburton 

Teacher in Charge - Mrs Surridge

Aoraki Swimming

Jun 1, 2023

The Aoraki Swimming Festival was held on Friday the 26th of May in Ashburton. Craighead was represented by competitors who all did exceptionally well. Girls competing were: Briar Annett, Anika Bagrie, Alice Claridge, Victoria Kyle, Dimana Naydenova, Megan Scott and Olivia Walsh. The results are as follows:

Individual Events

Briar Annett                                        2nd      Girls 15 & Over 50m Backstroke

Alice Claridge                                      2nd      Girls 14 & Under 50m Freestyle

2nd      Girls 14 & Under 100m Butterfly

Victoria Kyle                                        2nd      Girls 15 & Over 50m Breaststroke

1st       Girls 15 & Over 100m Breaststroke

Dimana Naydenova                             1st       Girls 14 & Under 50m Freestyle

Megan Scott                                        2nd      Girls 14 & Under 100m Backstroke

Olivia Walsh                                        3rd       Girls 14 & Under 200m IM

3rd       Girls 14 & Under 50m Breaststroke


Megan, Olivia, Alice and Dimana       1st       Girls 14 & Under 200m Medley Relay

Briar, Victoria, Megan and Anika        1st       Girls 15 & Over 200m Medley Relay

Alice, Olivia, Dimana and Megan       1st       Girls 14 & Under 200m Freestyle Relay

Victoria, Dimana, Anika and Briar      3rd       Girls 15 & Over 200m Freestyle Relay

2024 School Swimming Sports

Inter-Manaaki Year Level Relay

1st Te Raki

2nd Te Rawhiti

3rd Te Uru

Boarders vs Daygirls Relay

1st Day Girls

2nd Boarders

Long Plunge

1st Te Rawhiti

2nd Te Raki

3rd Te Uru

Miss B Howell Cup Champion House

1st Te Rawhiti

2nd Te Uru

3rd Te Raki

Grade Champions and Runner Ups:

Minor Champion: Lauren Crawford 

Runner up:            Sophie Burton

Junior Champion: Francesca Gough      

Runner up:              Brooke Thompson

Intermediate Champion:  Megan Scott 

Runner Up:  Olivia Walsh

Senior Champion:   Briar Annett     

Runner up:               Emily Caird