Volleyball is played on a Friday evening at the SBS Events Centre, Morgans Rd. Competition will be starting with games from 6.00pm to 8.00pm.                               Although teams have dedicated student coaches, we require at least one parent from each team to supervise games.  A roster will be organised at the beginning of the season.  It is also essential that your daughter does duty on the evenings that this is required.  Without teams completing this we would not have a competition. Any teams that do not undertake their Duty requirements will be deducted competition points plus fined $50. Thank you in advance for this.

Students are to be at the courts on time and in correct sports uniform.


Years 9-13


Terms 1 and 4


Aoraki Volleyball - Tuesday 5 March, Timaru


PE shorts, top provided, white socks, gymshoes

Teacher in Charge - Mr Jones


The Senior A Volleyball team competed at the Mainland Tournament in Christchurch recently.  The team competed in Division 3 finishing 8th out of 16 teams, with 4 wins and 4 narrow losses.  The girls played some amazing volleyball and it a great experience for them.

Team - Mr Tom Wallis(coach), Natalie Whiteley, Isobel Sharp, Emily Shrimpton, Mary Hay, Mrs Anna Coleman(Manager), Laura Apperley, Koko Kubota, Zara Coleman and Madeline Dominikovich.   

Aoraki Volleyball

After months of training and hard work, the Craighead Senior Volleyball teams finally had a tournament to attend being – the Aoraki Volleyball Championships. Our teams were eager to see if their skills had improved as practices had suggested.

Enduring four games on the trot, the Senior A team (Co Captains: Zara Coleman and Isobel Sharp, with Amalia Cabrera, Koko Kubota, Niamh Motley, Mele Manuofetoa and Camryn Porter ) swept through early pool play to face Ashburton College in the decider before the semi finals. After 10 points down in the first set, our A team rose to the challenge in the second and put their opponents under pressure. However the final outcome went in Ashburton’s favour, placing Craighead A to face the top qualifier in Pool B for the semi finals.

Meanwhile, in Pool B, Craighead B team (Laura Apperley, Katie Baxter, Rafaela Cabrera, Olivia Lincoln , Anna O’Sullivan, Sophie Parsons, Dinnay Phillips and Natalie Whiteley) were to create an upset rolling the Roncalli A team in a two set tussle; first set being 30-28 and the second set being 25-23 to Craighead. Administrators were consulted to calculate who qualified for the semi finals. Whilst our Craighead B Team did not get through to the semi-finals, they finished a very respectable 5th overall.

In the semi final round, our A team swept aside Pool B top qualifier Waitaki GHS in straight sets to set up a rematch with Ashburton College. In a reversal of dominance Craighead defeated Ashburton with a determined first and second set victory to take out the tournament.

Craighead Volleyball Test Themselves on South Island Stage

Carrying with them the success of the Aoraki Champs, Craighead sent both the Senior A and B teams to the South Island Satellite Tournament in Christchurch last week. This was the last major volleyball tournament of the season with the Nationals being cancelled due to Covid restrictions.

At the mercy of previous years’ performances of Aoraki teams, Craighead Senior A was placed in a Division 2 ‘pool of death’, with eventual finalists St Andrew College (who only won against CDS 15-4 in the 5th set) and winners Avonside Girls High School. With the top two in the pool advancing to the semi finals, it took a countback to separate Avonside, Wakatipu HS and CDS to see who would join the unbeaten StAC team. In dropping a set more than the others we were relegated to playing off for 5th - 8th in cross pool play. In a demolition of Cashmere, characterised by the team winning the first 17 points in a row whilst Issy Sharp served, it was clear that there was disparity between the pools, with the tougher matches giving the Craighead girls a ruthless edge to their performance. In a repeat of pool play, CDS endured yet another 5 set thriller with Wakatipu to finish 5th in Division 2.

The highlight of the tournament however was the progress of the Craighead B team who improved their confidence and willingness to play attacking, structured volleyball. After a convincing straight sets win over their Rangi Ruru counterparts, the team were tested by Rolleston College A before meeting eventual Division 3 winners Burnside HS C for their only loss of the tournament. Despite dropping sets against StAC C and the B teams from Rolleston College and Wakatipu, the fortitude that had developed amongst the team saw them victorious in each game, earning them the silver medal for second in Division 3.

A huge thanks to Gaela Kilgour who gave up her time to make the teams’ participation happen as she accompanied the team as manager/ physio/ baker.

Craighead B: Laura Apperley, Katie Baxter, Rafaela Cabrera, Madeline Dominikovich, Anna O’Sullivan, Sophie Parsons, Dinnay Phillips, Madi Thomas, Natalie Whiteley

Craighead A: Amalia Cabrera , Zara Coleman, Olivia Lincoln, Koko Kubota, Niamh Motley, Camryn Porter, Isobel Sharp, Emily Shrimpton