Kia ora koutou,

The 2024 Term 1 Touch competition at Centennial Park, Spreydon, will start on Thursday the 8th of February & we'll be running a 7-week block that'll finish on the 21st of March.  

This is run seperately from our Term 4 2023 competition & requires a separate registration & fees. Entries close on Saturday February the 3rd.

Our grades, based on recent years, are likely to be:

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Year 0-2 (Boys/Girls/Mixed all in together)**

Year 3 (Boys/Girls/Mixed all in together)*

Year 4 (Boys/Girls/Mixed all in together)

Year 5-6 Mixed*, Year 5-6 Boys

Year 7-8 Mixed*, Year 7-8 Boys, Year 7-8 Girls

-We are also offering Year 9 Mixed, Girls & Boys Grades but they are entry dependent.

*Year 0-2 & 3-4 Grades have no restrictions on their gender make up & no playoffs are contested

*Mixed teams can have a maximum of 4 boys on the field at once so possible combinations can be: 4 boys & 2 girls, 3b & 3g, 4g & 2b, 5g & 1b, 6g

* Year 0-2 games are refereed by team coaches ​​​​​​​