Bus safety is taken very seriously here at Central Hawke's Bay College.

Students and their Parent's/Caregivers are required to agree to our Bus Code Of Conduct which students must abide to. Students will conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times. Students will follow all instructions given by the bus controller and/or bus driver and allow him/her to drive the bus in a safe and proper manner. 

Bus Routes 

There are 12 Buses that transport students to and from Central Hawke's Bay College these are the following: 

  • 50101 - Mangatarata
  • 50102 - Porangahau 
  • 50103 - Ashley Clinton
  • 50104 - Pukehou 
  • 50105 - Tikokino 
  • 50107 - Takapau North 
  • 50109 - Flemington/Farm Road 
  • 50122 - Omakere
  • 50123 - Takapau South 
  • 50124 - Waipawa  
  • 50125 - Patangata 
  • 50126 - OngaOnga​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Bus Controller for Central Hawke's Bay College 

Mrs M Breen. 

Please email margieb@chbc.school.nz if you need any information or have any queries.

What time do busses leave College after school?

Buses Leave the College after school at around 3.17pm. Students must go straight to their bus after school.

Where do students catch the bus from after school?

The bus controller will notify students of the locations of each bus in the school bus bay at the end of each school day (these do change sometimes so it is always good to double check the number on the side or front of the bus before you get on)

Where do students catch the bus from before school?

There are several bus runs to the school with the Go Bus Company who provide the service. Go Bus oversees school routes. If you would like any information on bus routes, please contact Go Bus on 06 858 5194.

Bus Updates/Changes to Routes

Please see Daily Notices​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​If a student wishes to travel on a different bus on a casual basis, for a legitimate reason, the pupil must get a form from the office and get this signed by a parent requesting permission and hand it to the bus controller 24hours prior, who will issue a temporary bus pass.​​​​​​​


Conveyance Allowance

A conveyance allowance is a payment made directly to a parent/Caregiver's nominated bank account to contribute to the cost of transporting a student to school, or in some instances a bus stop. Students may be eligible if: 

There isn't a school bus available, or 

They live more than 2.4km from the nearest school bus route

Students who live more than 4.8kms from the nearest secondary school and are required to travel more than 2.4kms to the nearest school bus service may qualify for financial assistance.

Applications are made via the link below.

*Please note that payments will be made after the end of each term in arrears.

 School Transport Assistance

To be eligible for school transport assistance students must meet all 3 eligibility criteria: 

Be attending the closest school they can enrol at. 

Be living over 4.8km from the enrolling school. 

Have NO access to "suitable" public transport (Defined on the ministry website.)

Applicants must ensure that they meet each of the above criteria before submitting an application. ​​​​​​​

For further information about how the Ministry of education determines the eligibility of applicants, please refer to their website. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​