At Central Hawke’s Bay College we know its important to match students with host families as best we can. Staying in a Homestay gives the students a genuine unforgettable opportunity to experience what living in New Zealand with a family is really like, all the while improving their English.  ​​​​​​​

Mrs K Walker seeks out, assesses, monitors (via regular Police Vetting and Homestay visits) and guides homestay families, as per the The Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016.

Mrs Walker matches up students with host families and look after the day to day care of our International Students. I am on call 24/7 to monitor their well-being - occasionally the International Dean or Principal may cover this 24/7 role.


I enjoy the students I meet and appreciate being able to provide them a safe and supported stay within our school and community. On a personal note, my husband and I have been Homestay Caregivers for twenty years, hosting over 12 student’s long term and many, many more short term. Having a large family ourselves, it was no issue to welcome an extra child into our family. The friendships, knowledge and skills that our children have gained through these exchanges are immeasurable. We, and some of our children have completed the circle and visited past students in their home countries, and many have returned to us for holidays. Our oldest two children are now Homestay Caregivers themselves!  Kim Walker, Homestay Caregiver

“Opening your home and your family to another isn't for everyone.... But when we were approached by the Central Hawke’s Bay College to host a Brazilian student how could we say no when our children thrive on adventure, opportunities and learning new things about other cultures. Our three months with our student/daughter taught us so many things, we were able to embrace her culture whilst sharing our rural life, our day to day family chaos and fun. We travelled to different places near and far as a family to showcase our beautiful Country and lastly we were able to open our home, our family and our hearts to this beautiful young girl.”- Tessa Tennent, Homestay Caregiver

“We have been hosting international students for the past 3 years. It started by our daughter expressing an interest to "Study abroad" in Japan. She had met the two Japanese students on her first day at Central Hawke’s Bay College, and became friends with them, we ended up hosting one of these students that year and found we enjoyed learning about her culture and had fun teaching her about ours. It has been an enjoyable experience, The International Co-ordinators from Central Hawke’s Bay College have done a great job in supporting the host families and international students to make this experience worthwhile.” Kerri Holding, Homestay Caregiver