For the Full Year            

  • NZ $13800.00 (GST incl.)

Administration Fee:            

  • NZ $600.00 Non-refundable.

Home stay fee:                  

  • Half Year – 23 weeks @ $250.00 per week   NZ$5,750.00
  • Whole Year – 46 weeks @ $250.00 per week   NZ$11,500.00

Contingency Fund:      

  • Enough to cover all school related expenses such as text books, exam fees, music lessons, sports fees, school trips etc Approximately NZ$2,500.00


  • Students must have prearranged medical and travel insurance

*Recommendation UNICARE.


  • Preferably, students will purchase their own school uniform. Arrangements may be made to hire from the school but this will incur a hire fee of NZ$80 per term – non-refundable. This must be paid prior to arrival with the Administration Fee – as above).
  • Footwear must be supplied by student for school uniform and sports uniform. (Winter – Black leather lace up shoes. Summer – School sandals, plain black or brown with back strap) and sportswear as required.