To begin with, you won’t need a whole lot of equipment. Importantly you’ll need a bike which ismechanically sound. Whatever you have is fine to start with. You can use a mountain bike, aregular kid’s bike, a BMX race bike, a cruiser, or a stunt BMX bike (please take off the pegs forracing). Some of our best riders started off on trainer wheels!


  1. You bike must have a back brake.
  2. Please make sure all the bolts are tight, wheel axles may only protrude no more than 5mm.
  3. It is recommended to have the seat post put right down.
  4. Also check your grips and make sure that the handlebar ends are covered. Once you gainmore experience and have joined the club and are riding on a regular basis you may decideto purchase a bike more specific to BMX racing. There are many people in the club morethan happy to help you with information for selecting a bike.
  5. If it is a freestyle bike, please remove the standing pegs.
  6. Please remove bike stands and reflectors if you have them.


Full face helmets are compulsory. Only a few two-piece downhill style full face helmets are legalso please check before purchasing with the club. Children on Striders are allowed std cyclehelmets but should meet all NZ safety standards, once they progress to a pedal bike a full face isrequired.



Long sleeve shirt that is loose fitting but not so baggy it would interfere with another rider.Sleeves must go down to the riders wrists. No Road Cycling tops / lycra allowed. If tops do have azip it must be less than 10cm.


Whether long pants or shorts are worn they must be constructed of tear resistant typefabric consistent with products designed for BMX / Motocross or DH. Shorts must be worn withsuitable leg protection that covers the knee and shin area.Protective wear: Body armour is recommended, but must be worn under the riders clothing.
Elbow and knee protection is compulsory for Sprocket riders (under8yrs)The Club has some equipment, including helmets that you can borrow while you are at the track.
You are welcome to use these at club trainings or meets to get you started until you get your own(first in first served). The Club also has limited numbers of race pants and tops, for use in the BMX season.
​​​​​​​Once you have all this sorted you’re welcome to come and try it out at a training session (or two)for free before we ask you to join the club.