Once CHALLENGE riders have applied for a BMXNZ Licence you can be allocated a plate number from the club’s list of available numbers. Plates are available to purchase through the club. Or they are available for sale from Crank House in Hornby.
If the rider is a SPROCKET, the first time you apply for a Licence BMXNZ will give you a Sprocket plate.Number plates come in different colours, depending on which category you race:

SPROCKETS White plate, red numbers
CHALLENGE MALE (20” wheels) Yellow plate, black numbers
CHALLENGE FEMALE (20”wheels) Blue plate, white numbers
​​​​​​​CRUISER (24” wheels) Red plate, white numbers


With so many brands and options out there it can be tough to find the right gear. To get started you just need to be fully covered including gloves and most importantly a full faced helmet – We do have a limited number of hire helmets available to have a go and see if you like racing.


Choosing the right size bike for the rider is important. Here is an indictive rider height to bike guide;

Micro Mini – 18″ Wheels, for children aged 5 or under who are shorter than 120cm. 

Mini – Between 115 and 135cm tall

Junior – Between  130cm – 145cm tall

Expert – Between 140cm to 160cm tall

Pro – Between 155cm to 175cm tall

Pro XL or above – For larger adult riders, or those who prefer a longer frame

Cruiser – 24″ Wheels, generally available in Junior, Expert and Pro sizes. 


There are a number of local stores that stock a range of BMX gear to suit those just starting out to those who are at the top of their game and where every gram is important. 

We always recommend supporting your local bike store as they will be able to provide the best advice and support as you grow into the sport. Below are our recommended Christchruch based stores, both are heavily involved in the BMX circuit and you will see their owners at most race meets both locally and nationally:

Crank House Bicycle Studio


There are also a number of Facebook groups dedicated to BMX Racing where members sell their second-hand gear: