Counties Manukau Rowing Club


C - Courtesy
M - Maturity
R - Respect
C - Co-operation

Together we make the boat go faster!

Counties Manukau Rowing Club (“CMRC”) is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of all its members.
The club believes it is important that its members should, at all times, display behavior that represents:

Courtesy, Maturity, Respect, and Co-operation

All those associated with CMRC are to comply with this Code of Conduct on and off the water.
For the purposes of this code, “members” include rowers, coxswains, coaches, parents, guardians & supporters

All members undertake to:

  • Act in accordance with New Zealand Law.
  • Not allow the unlawful supply of alcohol, illegal drugs or banned performance-enhancing drugs at any time.
  • Respect the rights, dignity, and worth of all members regardless of gender, ability, cultural background or religion.
  • Demonstrate appropriate social behavior by not using foul language or harassing any members or officials.
  • Not bring Counties Manukau Rowing Club, or associated schools, into disrepute.
  • Take all reasonable care when using the Club’s equipment or facilities for your own safety and the safety of others and report the damage immediately.
  • Abide by the principles of this Code of Conduct when using any form of social media and electronic communication.
  • Not issue club wide emails or other forms of communication without prior approval of the Management Committee.
  • Not raise issues of disagreement with any member through any public, club or school-wide forum.
  • Accept there are consequences for breaching this Code of Conduct, Camp or Regatta Rules and School Policies.

As a member of the Management Committee, you undertake to:

  • Involve all members at appropriate levels of pre-season planning, ongoing leadership, evaluation and decision making through such things as, but not limited to, goal setting sessions, code of conduct reviews, and club-wide debrief sessions.
  • Ensure equal opportunities for participation are available to all rowers and coxswains, regardless of gender, ability, cultural background or religion.
  • Provide equipment and facilities, including club uniform, that is safe and fit for purpose for training, racing, and regatta attendance.
  • Use your best endeavors to provide qualified and competent coaches that are able to deliver appropriate levels of coaching and have the skills to provide adequate supervision.
  • Ensure all members sign the Club Code of Conduct annually.

As a rower or coxswain, you undertake to:

  • Control your emotions. Do not interfere with, bully or take unfair advantage of another member. Verbal or written abuse of any person is not acceptable or permitted.
  • Display positive sportsmanship for all rowers and coxswains and achievements across all squads and crews.
  • Never ridicule or scold another rower or coxswain for making a mistake during racing.
  • Respect all members from other clubs and schools. Without them, there would be no racing.
  • Not take gear or equipment from any member of any club or school that does not belong to you personally, except on agreement (i.e. Maadi swap)
  • Show commitment.  Work equally hard for yourself, your squad and your crew(s).  Turn up on time and ready to go for all training and racing.
  • Wear club or school uniform with pride at all regattas – uniform must be worn between the start of first race and end of last race; and row suits are not to be taken down to the waist until after the post-race debrief, at which point the club or school shirt is to be put on.
  • Co-operate with your coach and respect their decisions about crews, boat selections, and seat placements.
  • Ensure that once in the boat at training or regattas you are fully attentive to coaches, officials and coxswains and ready to row hard.  No unnecessary “chit chat”.
  • Not discuss publically any aspects of coaching debrief that impact other rowers and coxswains.
  • Follow appropriate procedures to query any decisions made by coaches via your Club Captain.
  • Follow any instructions given for the purpose of ensuring your own safety and/or the safety of others.
  • Not consume any illegal drugs or banned performance-enhancing substances.
  • Conduct yourself appropriately with members of the opposite sex – i.e. no PDA’s (public displays of affection) whether at training, camps or regattas.
  • Comply with all Camp and Regatta Rules including Uniform Policy, and associated School Fair Play and Uniform Policies.

As a coach, you undertake to:

  • Develop squad and crew respect for the ability of all rowers and coxswains as well as for the judgment of officials and other coaches.
  • Operate within the rules of Rowing and in the spirit of fair play and encourage all rowers and coxswains to do the same.
  • Be aware of the role of the coach as an educator – impart knowledge and skills, and promote desirable personal and social behavior.
  • Ensure the scheduling and length of training sessions take into consideration the maturity and ability of your squad.
  • Set regular training start and finish times and communicate these through squad managers and ensure they are adhered to with little exception.
  • Ensure that equipment and facilities meet safety standards and are appropriate to the age and ability of the rowers and coxswains.
  • Display positive sportsmanship, acknowledge and support all rowers, coxswains and coaches and their achievements.
  • Never ridicule or scold a rower or coxswain for making a mistake during racing.
  • Keep abreast of changes in rowing training techniques and ensure that the information used is up to date and appropriate to the needs of your squad.
  • Provide feedback to your squad and parents regularly, one on one and within squad debriefs as appropriate.  In squad debriefs avoid overly negative feedback.
  • Encourage and facilitate rowers and coxswains independence and responsibility for their own behavior, performance, decisions, and actions.
  • Ensure physical contact with rowers or coxswains is appropriate to the situation and necessary for skill development. Avoid situations that could be construed as compromising.
  • Wear the club or school shirt as appropriate at any medal or presentation ceremony.

As a parent, guardian or supporter you undertake to:

  • Applaud efforts from all rowers and coxswains.
  • Display positive sportsmanship and support your children in a non-distracting manner.
  • Encourage and guide rowers and coxswains to accept responsibility for their own performance and behavior.
  • Remember your children are rowing for their own enjoyment. They are not rowing for the entertainment of spectators.
  • Query any decisions made by coaches via your Squad Manager or Club Captain first, or if serious in nature through the President.