When filling out a report, remember we need to just stick to the facts and leave the feelings out. 

We also need you to give as much detail about the incident as possible. The report should be written as if a person that knows nothing about rugby is being explained what happened. So a YC for a high tackle shouldn't just say "High Tackle". It should describe how the tackler approached the ball carrier, the action of the tackler (was it a swinging or stiff arm?) and where it connected (around the throat? face etc). 

Similarly, we shouldn't be just writing "Blue player punched the red player". Rather something like "The blue player came running in from a distance and punched with a closed fist to the jaw of the red player causing him to be knocked out". Reading both accounts, I know which one will be taken more seriously. 

Once you have accepted the terms and conditions and submitted the form it will immediately be sent to:

[email protected]

Please note your form must be completed and submitted within 48 hours of the conclusion of the game.

However in reality, we need them on the day please, in case there are issues that need to be rectified.