Vaccination pass required at club

From Friday 3 December all who visit Kelburn Municipal Croquet Club will be required to present their Covid-19 My Vaccine Pass for checking before entering the premises

This is for the protection of our club members and visitors, alike, so all can enjoy their croquet at Kelburn in safety and with peace of mind.

It applies to everyone including: members, visiting players, guests, groups hiring the facilities for private or corporate events, caterers, and any other service staff.

We have also instituted increased hygiene procedures, and procedures for entry to the clubhouse, inside the clubhouse, and within close proximity to the clubhouse. 

Our members who assist at hired functions and events will have been verified as double-vaccinated, and must wear masks at all times unless eating or taking a tea break in accordance with the required protocols, if inside the clubhouse.

Protocols to be followed

1. KMCC members will need to show their paper or digital passport once only to a committee member, who will sign and date the verification on a register kept by the committee for a limited period of time, then destroyed. All non-members to present their My Vaccine Pass on arrival.

2. Scan in.

3. Sanitise hands.

4. Sign in. (We have to provide traffic counts to the Council.)

5. Masks should be worn in the clubhouse unless you are seated and eating or drinking, as a good practice for your personal safety.

6. Try to maintain 1 metre distancing.

7. Limit the number of people in the clubhouse at one time, for fire safety reasons as well as Covid. It’s a small building.

8. Both sets of doors to be open.

9. Club play:

  • 30-minute games
  • Draw board hung outside (weather permitting)
  • Staggered tea breaks - people to turn their name disc over (blank side facing) if they intend to take a tea break after playing the game just drawn.

The procedures may need a little practice and refinement here and there, but the core elements are important ... at least for now. Covid is still a fluid and rapidly-changing situation in New Zealand and internationally, and the rules today will undoubtedly change as we adapt to the situation in six months' time.

Please talk any committee member if you have any concerns.

Thank you everyone. We're all helping each other with this.

KMCC Committee